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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart novel Chapter 706

She owed Brittany an apology, so she wanted to warn her not to fall for the trap.

Brittany smiled gently and said, "I know."

After Zella left, Brittany remained in the coffee shop, sipping on her cup of latte before she finally left.

Back at the hospital, Daniel and Isaac were just wrapping up their conversation.

Brittany knocked on the door and said, "Daniel, it's time for us to go."

Reluctantly, Daniel climbed off the bed and patted Isaac's hand, "Bye Dad. I'll come see you tomorrow."

Isaac's eyes were locked on Brittany, fearful of missing any detail.

Brittany looked thinner than before, and her eyes were like a painting. Her demeanor was proud and aloof.

She was like a poppy, radiating a fatal attraction. He wanted to be with her every moment, just like five years prior.

Daniel walked to her side, and she whispered a few words to him. After hearing her, Daniel obediently stepped outside.

Brittany walked into the room.

"When are you planning to sign the divorce papers?"

"I won't sign."

Isaac licked his lips. His voice was hoarse, "I indirectly killed your grandma, and now I have nothing, can't you…"


Brittany interrupted him, not understanding what Isaac was thinking.

If someone caused her to lose Bri-jeweled Studio, she wouldn't have acted as if nothing had happened. She would have used all means, sought revenge, and reclaimed Bri-jeweled Studio.

Bri-jeweled Studio was the fruit of her years of effort, no different from her child.

But Isaac, having been tricked by her into losing everything, still wanted to be with her?

What kind of crazy love brain was that? How did she end up with him?

Feeling unnerved by his gaze, Brittany stepped back and said, "If you won't sign, I'll have to sue."

Seeing her about to leave, Isaac hurriedly got up from the bed, but his body was weak, and he fell to the floor with a thud.


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