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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart novel Chapter 707

Witnessing the deterioration of her grandson, Grace heaved a sigh. "Isaac, I've told you before to treat Brittany right. But look what you've done."

She had initially held some resentment towards Brittany, but now, Isaac was the one who had messed up, and she had no right to blame Brittany.

Isaac stood up and retreated to his room, fatigue etched onto every line of his face. He leaned on the doorpost, flashes of past events flickering in his mind. He had never regretted anything in his life until now.

Had he known things would have turned out that way, he wouldn't have hesitated. He would have forced Leda to donate her kidney, even if it meant threatening her life!

But alas, there were no ifs in life!


Grace stayed at Isaac's home in the Radiant Residences for a few days, making sure he ate and slept regularly.

His health had declined significantly, and the old lady couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

Isaac, taking advantage of the rare downtime, decided to stay at home, accompanying his grandmother in gardening and playing chess, completely devoid of his usual vigor.

When Joie came to visit, Isaac was in the garden with his grandmother, watering the flowers.

Ever since the Salter family had fallen into turmoil, Joie rarely visited the Radiant Residences.

Partly because she didn't want to jinx herself, and partly because she wanted to distance herself from the situation.

But she couldn't bear to give up on Isaac, who was still a pot of gold. Even without his position as the president of Grandeur Capital, Isaac was still a member of the Salter family!

Based on that alone, she wasn’t going to give up so easily.

Upon seeing Joie, Emily greeted her, "Ms. Joie."

"Emily, I came to visit Granny and Isaac," Joie replied, handing over fresh fruit and a bouquet of flowers to Emily.

Emily glanced at the gifts; the total value was no more than fifty dollars.

Since Joie had claimed Grace as her godmother, each visit was usually accompanied by gifts worth hundreds.

But it took almost half a month after Isaac's discharge from the hospital for Joie to appear. Emily was uncertain about what she had been up to, but she was sure that Joie hadn't thought about visiting the Radiant Residences or the hospital.


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