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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart novel Chapter 708

She feared being caught in the crossfire or even, worse, taking a direct hit.

Grace hadn't expected Joie to disappear for half a month, but she didn't show any signs of concern. She put down her coffee mug and said, "He just got discharged from the hospital. He's still not fully recovered and doesn't wish to have any visitors."

"How's your filming going?"

"Not very well." Joie played the victim, trying to evoke sympathy from the elderly lady, "The crew doesn't seem to like me very much, especially..."

"Especially who?"

Grace frowned. Joie was somewhat famous in the industry. Who would have had the audacity to target her?

"People from Brittany's studio."

Joie said sullenly, "They don't seem to like me. They even refused to lend me the jewelry I needed for the shoot…"

"I'm not well-versed with the industry. You've been in this circle for a while, so you'll adapt." Grace furrowed her brow.

Joie claimed she was here to visit, but she hadn't said a single caring word. All her topics revolved around herself. Was that how one should behave when visiting a sick person?

Grace didn't want to speculate about Joie, but she couldn't summon her former gentleness. Perhaps she had too much on her plate recently and her energy was limited.

"Granny, I'll help you water the plants."

Grace didn't refuse. Joie brought out her previous attitude, showing utmost respect and care for the elderly woman.


Upstairs in the study.

Isaac received a call from Wesley, "When do you plan on leaving the Radiant Residences?"

Isaac had been home since he was discharged from the hospital a week prior.

There were rumors that Isaac had nearly drunk himself to death at home.


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