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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart novel Chapter 714

Wesley gave Isaac a nudge, "Wake up, you lazy bum."

It had been almost half a month of lethargy. Just how far was he planning to sink?

Isaac was properly hammered.

Derek and Wesley exchanged a glance, giving up on him, and uncorked a bottle of red wine. They drank until the early hours of the morning when Isaac finally sprawled on the couch and stirred.

"Looks like he's coming around."

Isaac sat up, squinting against the harsh light. His throat felt like he'd swallowed a torch. There was a raw, burning pain.

"Have some water."

Derek poured him a glass, which Isaac downed in one gulp, and the burning sensation in his throat momentarily subsided. He closed his eyes and said, "Thanks."

His voice was hoarse and rough, as if it had been rubbed over gravel, full of pain.

As his long-time friend, Derek felt a pang of sympathy for Isaac's state at that time.

"Zac, why are you doing this to yourself? Since it's come to this, you and Bri can't possibly reconcile. Why don't you just sign the divorce papers?"

Derek had always been neutral. That marriage was a mistake from the start, and he couldn't bear to see Isaac keep making the same mistake.

"No way."

Isaac shook his head. Once he signed the divorce papers, Brittany would have been gone for good, and he would have lost even the smallest chance of getting her back.

Derek sighed heavily and asked, "What do you want to do, Zac? Bri has cost you everything, and you're still trying to reconcile with her. Can you really let go of all the resentment?"

He didn't doubt Isaac; he just believed that once a relationship had a rift, it would never be stable again.

Moreover, Brittany was hell-bent on divorce. Isaac's efforts were in vain; he might as well have set both of them free.

Isaac let out a deep sigh and said, "I'll give her whatever she wants as long as she doesn't divorce me."


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