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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart novel Chapter 715

"What's the point of having you around if you can't even find one person?" Stella Thorne barked at her bodyguards, her usually immaculate composure crumbling. "Three days. If you can't find him in three days, don't bother coming back!"

Stella was always one for appearances, but her state at the moment made it clear just how upset she really was.

The bodyguards quickly filed out of the room with their heads bowed low in shame.

Dressed in a stunning white cocktail dress, Stella looked every bit the part of the high society belle. Yet her face was marred by frustration, making it obvious how much Thomas' disappearance had affected her.

Brittany knocked on the door. "Ms. Stella?"

"Ah, it’s you." Stella’s anger seemed to ebb away slightly as she motioned for Brittany to come in. "Come in, we can talk here."

Brittany stepped into the dressing room and pulled out a gift she had prepared earlier. "Ms. Stella, congratulations on your engagement."

"Thank you," Stella replied, setting the gift aside without a second glance. "I’m sorry, I'm not in a good place right now. I don't feel like entertaining..."

Thomas had left, and nothing felt right anymore to her.

Brittany, understanding Stella's turmoil, sat down. "I heard about Thomas. He's determined to avoid you, and it’s clear why you can't find him."

"Don’t you find it amusing?" Stella asked. Her usually bright eyes were then filled with sorrow.

"I suggested breaking off the engagement to my family," Stella confessed.

Then her parents' most important project had been taken away from them and was given to another family member. The contract she was supposed to sign had been intercepted.

Her grandfather hadn't even asked her why she wanted to break off the engagement. Instead, he had shown her through his actions that her family had no shortage of suitable suitors.


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