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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1573

Grant saw Floyd and immediately stood up. He pursed his lips, and his complexion was not very good.


Floyd was so angry that he gritted his teeth. "Don't call me Dad! You even dare to hide such a big thing from m e, saying that Lil N went to the Arctic to ski?!”

This was the reason that Grant made up.

Grant was guilty as charged, so he did not refute even i f he was scolded.

Aida also could not say anything on the side. She just patted Floyd's back to soothe his breathing. "Don't be angry, Dad. Keep your voice down. Lil N's still sleeping inside...”

Hearing that Nicole was still sleeping, Floyd faintly froze. He collected his anger, coldly snorted, glanced a t Grant, then gently pushed the door open and walked i n.

Nicole’s ward was a suite with an exquisite small living room outside the bedroom where she was sleeping.

Thus, the sound of the door opening did not wake Nicole up.

Floyd was just about to push open the bedroom door t o go in when he suddenly thought of something.

He looked at the people following closely behind him and gave them a fierce glare.

"You guys shouldn't come in. Don’t disturb her sleep. Get Sven to come over later. I want to ask him about Nicole's condition.”

His voice was extremely low as if he was afraid of waking up the people inside.

Grant sighed. "Dad, Uncle Sven did surgery until 5:00 a m. You should let him rest first. I'll have the attending doctor come over and report to you."

Floyd wrinkled his eyebrows and said in shock," Surgery? What surgery?”

"Clayton was injured...”

Grant’s voice was extremely soft so that only the two o f them could hear. "He got injured to save Lil N. Right now, we still don’t know whether he can get out of danger or not..."

Floyd was stunned. He looked shocked before he kept quiet.

His hand froze on the door handle. His voice was hoarse.

"Don’t treat him poorly. Take good care of him since h e no longer has other family members. Bring Michael over too..."

Grant froze and nodded.

Clayton had a complete fallout with the Sloan family.

The Sloan Corporation that Clayton owned in fact belonged to Stanton Corporation. He was just a face.


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