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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1574

Grant's eyes were inexplicably sore. He took a deep breath, took the fork, and began to eat the packed meal with his head bowed.

Aida smiled and did not continue to say anything. She looked at Nicole, who was lying inside. None of them could pretend that nothing has happened.

The warmth in the air made Nicole feel extraordinarily comfortable.

Such an environment gave her a sense of security.

It was much more comfortable than the stifling heat from before.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw the white ceiling and the exquisite lamps. For a moment, she was in a bit of a trance.

She even had a brief moment of amnesia and had forgotten why she was here.

However, those oppressive memories came flooding back.

Nicole could not help but breathe faster and was completely awake in an instant.

A warm hand slowly stroked her head. The movements were gentle and extraordinarily familiar.

Nicole looked to the side and saw Floyd sitting there with tears in his eyes. Every drop of tears was filled with heartache.

Floyd took care of Nicole like she was still in elementary school and coaxed her to sleep, get up, and eat. He did this every day without a trace of impatience.

Nicole's eyes were sore. Her voice was a little hoarse from having just woken up.


Floyd cautiously said, "Mm... Did I wake you up?"

Nicole sniffled and felt that she was dreaming.

"No, it feels like I slept for a long time."

"You slept late last night. It hasn't even been eight hours since you woke up. You can sleep for a while."

Nicole smiled and propped up her body to sit up.

Floyd carefully put a cushion behind her.

Since Nicole had an IV drip, she felt a lot more relaxed.

It felt as if her body was not suppressed by those alternative drugs, so she felt energized again.

Such a feeling made Nicole feel surprised from the inside out.


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