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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1578

Nicole watched as Yvette bowed her head looking upset.

She paused and spoke in a gentle tone.

"It's not your fault. What does it have to do with you? Even without your call, he’ll also find other opportunities..."

Yvette sniffled. "You don’t blame me?"

"Of course not!" Nicole smiled.

Yvette lowered her gaze in a loss. "But your big brother blames me. I called to ask how you were doing and he didn't even answer the phone!"

Nicole was dumbfounded and said, "That's because you're just too annoying, right?"

Yvette jerked her head up. "How is that possible?"

Then she looked back down again. "I wasn't annoying ... I was just so worried about you!"

Nicole laughed. "Don’t think too much. Grant’s like that. This time, he was the one who reminded me to return your calls. Otherwise, I would've forgotten about you!"

Yvette grunted and glanced at her. "Heartless b*tch!"

Nicole laughed and went over to hug Yvette. "Alright, I was the one who delayed your big wedding day. Isn't i

t soon?"

Yvette paused. There was something off in her expression.

Nicole noticed it. Her lips twitched. "Don't tell me that you guys broke up already...?”

Yvette was a little guilty. "Not yet, but we quarreled the last two days."

Nicole's heart sank. "It's not because of me, right?"

Yvette sniffled. "It’s not entirely because of you. I said that I wanted to go to Southeast Asia to save you, but h e didn't let me go and said that I’ll just add to the chaos. What bullsh*t is that?! If I don't go, should I just watch you die?"

Nicole’s nose felt sour. She smiled faintly. Nicole did not have many friends, but her few friends were willing to risk their lives for her.


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