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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1577

Many of Eric's choices were indeed unexpected.

However, Nicole was not at all at fault in this matter, s o there was no need to sympathize with him. 1

Of course, she did not have to be understanding either.

Grant saw that Nicole did not have any mental burden and spoke more casually. "It's not that he wants you to die, but what’s more important to him was his business empire, so he bargained with Caleb. But I didn't tell anyone that you're still alive, so he still doesn’t know. I didn’t deliberately hide it either, so he'll naturally find out when he comes back. What do you think?"

The two siblings walked and reached the door.

Nicole nodded. "Right. In the future, it's best if we don’t get involved in these things. Bring Michael over tomorrow. He's probably worried.”

"Dad asked me to pick him up today, but you haven’t recovered yet, and I'm afraid that no one can watch him when he's here. Kai's supposed to come home today, but his flight was delayed, so he won’t be back until tomorrow. Let's wait for Kai to come back and babysit Michael, lest he gets bored."

Grant arranged everything properly. Nicole smiled and did not refute.

Nicole sat on the sofa and was about to check her emails so that she could know about the work arrangements for the next few days.

Suddenly, she remembered something and looked up a t Grant.

"Grant, Caleb’s business isn't clean. He's involved in human and drug trafficking too..."

Nicole remembered the girl that night and the last time she saw that girl when the car was leaving. The girl's eyes were so dull and desperate.

Before Nicole finished her words, Grant waved his hand to stop her from continuing.

"I know. Eric has a lot of evidence. Don't worry. You don’t need to think about those things anymore.”

From the time Nicole came back, Grant had not asked Nicole about her experience in Southeast Asia.

It was not because he was afraid of knowing that her experiences were too cruel, but because he was afraid that Nicole was traumatized.

Nicole was back and was still the Stanton family’s princess as usual. No matter what she experienced, good or bad, they would not change their treatment of her.

Nicole lowered her eyes and smiled.


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