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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1580

Nicole scrolled up and down the page and sighed.

In the beginning, Nicole wanted to promote Fabian because he was lively, ambitious, spoke sweetly, and most importantly, he always looked pleasant and youthful.

It made people unconsciously want to get close to him.

However, the recent exposes gave Fabian a lot of pressure. His youthful appearance disappeared and was replaced by a gloomy and resentful face.

He looked like a scourge.

[A certain male celebrity is a regular guest at a rich woman's dinner party...]

Then, a picture of Fabian and a certain bigwig embracing was attached.

This picture left a lot of room for imagination.

[Luckily our Goddess Nicole ran from him!]

[I'll always believe in Fabian! Anti-fans can suck it!]

[Ms. Stanton, please save this child...]

[Can’t you see that Ms. Stanton doesn't want to support him? It looks like his private life is really messy. After all, Ms. Stanton won’t tolerate any inconveniences!]

[Even if no one is supporting him, he's been in this circle for so many years. Doesn't he have that ability t o keep himself afloat? I feel that after his superstar aura faded away, Fabian doesn’t even have any great work to show, either in TV series or as a variety show guest.]

[Look at Harvey who debuted at the same time as Fabian. Although Harvey wasn't as popular as Fabian, Harvey already won a few movie awards. Look how the tables have turned!]

Nicole sighed.

What a shame.

Fabian looked like he was at the end of his career.

Just as Nicole was thinking about it, someone suddenly pushed the door open.

"Hey, why are you in the mood to sigh and have no time to come out and greet your brother?”

A gloomy voice rang out at the door.


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