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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1581

Nicole raised her brows at the words and thought, 'It won't be that bad. He'll just give you a beating at most.’

However, the fewer people know about this matter, the better.

Kai walked over, looked at the search content on her web page, clicked his tongue twice, and looked at her with disdain.

"Look at you. You still haven’t forgotten to check about gossip even at a time like this. You should really be given an award for your dedication!"

Nicole snorted coldly, ignoring his snub. "Is your nationwide tour over? Did you rush back just for me?"

Kai was stunned. He walked over, sat down, and could not help but laugh.

"I really did come back for you. How are you going to thank me?"

Nicole hesitated for a few seconds and immediately went online to search for the name of his nationwide tour.

Since it was a tour overseas, there was not much news online.

However, she could still see the schedule.

'Oh, Kai's nationwide tour officially came to an end three days ago.'

He came back after it ended.

What a coincidence.

Nicole’s lips pulled. "You liar. Only a fool would thank you!”

Kai ruffled his hair handsomely.

"I'm exhausted after dozens of performances, but I won a lot of rewards. I've also given my countrymen a lot of credit, but I'm not a high-profile person, so I deliberately told the others not to flaunt it in Mediania. It’s not like I lack popularity."

Nicole looked at him. "You're just afraid that people will dig up your dark past and settle accounts with you, right?"

That single sentence pierced Kai's worries.

His expression tensed as he glared at her. "Don't be ridiculous!"

Nicole was amused and deliberately shook her head." I'll pay to get you up on the trending topics later!"

Kai was so angry and could not help but stand up. He took the cushion on the sofa and smashed it on her.

His sister really needed a beating.

However, before the cushion could fall on Nicole's body, there was a loud bellow from behind.



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