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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1583

Kai paused. When he listened to Nicole’s plan, he spoke up hesitatingly.

"Actually, the atmosphere in the circle is very tense now. The authorities intend to start cleaning up the industry, so everyone is in danger. They're all afraid that their dark history will be caught and amplified. Also, don't just think that public opinion is important. Those who can control public opinion are the real powerful ones. Our company's spokesperson was also swept along by it. If he's implicated, it’ll easily affect the brand image.”

Nicole paused and listened quietly.

Kai's words were very reasonable. She had not thought too deeply about that aspect.

However, even the world's top companies needed brand image spokespersons to represent them.

"I know it’s risky. That's why I’m being more careful."

Changing their spokesperson often was the method she thought about. That way, they would not have to worry about the validity period of their spokesperson.

To a corporation, it was a kind of safeguard.

"It's no use to be careful. What a shame would it be if a n enterprise built through painstaking effort was ruined by an artist..."

Kai laughed.

He was also part of this circle, so he knew the people i n it very well. The person they presented to the audience was the opposite of their actual character.

This was a risk to a corporation.

"Then what other ideas do you have?"

Nicole humbly asked for advice.

Kai smirked wickedly, looking like he was going to turn the world upside down.

"Beg me."

Nicole's lips twitched. She took out her phone, found her message with Floyd, and made a gesture to press the voice message button.

"Go on, say it again!"

Kai pursed his lips, getting angry again.

"I was wrong. Stop trying to scare me!"

If Floyd found out about this, he would come running over with a knife.

Nicole laughed softly, and her shoulders trembled.


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