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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1584

Nicole grinned and turned her head to the side, looking at Kai.

"It's the oden shop downstairs at Julie’s place. Remember to bring it back!"

She knew at a glance where he wanted to go.

He was thinking about Julie, right?

Nicole was not the kind of person who broke couples apart.

Kai's gloomy expression instantly turned sunny. He quietly held out a finger and pointed at her.

"As expected of my sister. I'll clear out your shopping cart when I come back. You can choose what you want first."

Then, he walked away happily while humming a tune.

Nicole smiled and watched Kai leave while giggling as if there was nothing in the world bothering him.

It was a shame he was not willing to use his brain. Otherwise, with his skills, he would not be any worse off than her or Grant.

Nicole did not bother to inquire about Eric, but Grant would occasionally say a word or two so she would not be completely in the dark.

Apart from researching the plan, she spent most of her time going to see Clayton.

A corporation’s direction could not change overnight. They had to be stable and also change quietly.

Otherwise, it would definitely attract a lot of opposition.

Clayton’s condition improved a lot. Director Sven said that even though he was not awake yet, he had already regained consciousness.

Lil Michael was brought here after school these few days.

Although Michael said that he did not care, when he saw Clayton lying there, he suddenly lost control and cried.

No one could console him.

It was Nicole who took him away while half-coaxing and half-lying to him.

After that, Michael came here every day.

Nicole did not stop him. The father and son relied on each other for so many years and were probably the most important person in each other's lives.

Days passed, but even after a week, Clayton still did not wake up.

This made Nicole feel very apprehensive. She felt that it was a bad thing.


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