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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 756

Chapter 756 

“In my opinion, we should let Justin marry Zoe.” Liam lazily sat on the 

sofa, casually picked up an orange from the tray, and began to peel it. 

Logan’s thick, gray eyebrows shot up suddenly. Zoe, who was still hiding in her grandfather’s embrace, smiled slyly when she heard Liam’s suggestion. 

“The eldest son of the Salvador family is sickly. He is hardly suited to 

inherit the family business. Although Justin is an illegitimate child 

with a somewhat questionable background, sooner or later, the 

Salvador family will fall into Justin’s hands. If Zoe marries him, she’ll 

become the young madam of the Salvador family, which isn’t such a 

bad arrangement after all.” Liam crossed his legs and casually 

popped a slice of orange into his mouth. 

“Uncle! What are you talking about…?” Zoe asked nervously, her 

cheeks flushing. 

“I’ve given it some thought. We could say that Zoe and Justin have 

been in a relationship for some time, but both families kept it private 

to avoid public attention. Since both of them are unmarried, it’s perfectly normal for them to spend some private time together in a hotel room. There’s no need for the public to overreact. Look at how 

scared Zoe is!” 

Liam, who owned an entertainment company and a public relations firm, was highly skilled at managing public image and reputation. 

“Uncle Liam, your ability to improvise and spin stories is very impressive. As your nephew, I aspire to learn from you.” Ryan 

Chapter 756 

remarked sarcastically as he entered the study. His imposing 

presence filled the room with an intimidating aura. 

“Ryan…” Zoe’s heart skipped a beat, and she quickly sought comfort in Logan’s embrace. 

The smile on Liam’s face froze for a moment. He accidentally crushed the orange in his hand into a pulp. “My dear nephew, are you 

in a bad mood? You always seem to find joy in teasing your uncle 

whenever you see me.” 

“Ryan, mind your manners when speaking to your elders,” Logan 

scolded, his tone tinged with irritation. 

Ryan’s handsome face was cold as he faced Liam. His smile was both mocking and dangerously attractive. He sneered. “Since you became the CEO, you have expanded the business widely. Now you’re even interfering in the affairs of the household. Uncle Liam, are you trying to act as a father figure because you don’t have children of 

your own?” 

Liam seethed with anger, and his eyes reddened. He had been 

haunted by the curse of being childless. Although he blamed his wif 

for being barren, the reality was that he was infertile. Despite his anger, he could only suppress his rage in front of Logan. 

“Ryan! How dare you speak to your uncle like that? You’re being too 

disrespectful!” Logan slapped the armrest of the sofa. 

“Grandpa, I was just teasing Uncle Liam. He’s always cherished me 

the most since I was little. How could he bear to be angry with me?” Ryan immediately put on a childish look, smiling playfully at Liam. 


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