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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 757

Chapter 757 

Before Liam could finish speaking, Zoe burst into tears again and 

cried out. “Grandpa… Uncle Liam… I can’t bear to show my face in public anymore! I’d rather die!” 

“Don’t cry, my dear! Grandpa will definitely stand up for you!” Logan, 

known for being an authoritarian, couldn’t contain his anger and 

smashed a nearby teacup. “Justin wants to fool around and then 

shirk responsibility, huh? He must be tired of living!” 

“Ryan, is your mother also injured because of this? Is she in the hospital right now?” 

Ryan’s throat tightened, rendering him speechless. 

“Once your mother is discharged, the two of you are to go to the 

Salvador family to propose marriage. If you don’t, I’ll take matters into 

my own hands!” 

“Grandpa! Calm down!” Ryan’s frustration boiled over. His eyes wer 

ablaze with anger at the thought of Logan causing trouble with th 

Salvador family. 

“Ryan, if I recall correctly, you and Mr. Salvador are like brothers, 

right?” Liam spoke casually, crossing his legs. “If Zoe marries Mr. 

Salvador, it’ll bring both our families closer. I don’t understand why 

you’re so against it.” 


“It’s precisely because of my close relationship with Justin that I 

understand him.” Ryan retorted coldly, his desperation evident. 

Justin is in love with someone else-Bella Thompson, Wyatt 

Thompson’s daughter.” 

At the mention of Bella, the air in the room turned dense. Even Logan, the ruthless patriarch, showed a hint of fear in his eyes. 

“Zoe, haven’t you confessed to Justin multiple times before? Haven’t 


tried every means possible? Has it made a difference? Has Justin ever shown any interest in you?” Ryan confronted Zoe. His gaze was icy, and his voice was low and menacing. 

Zoe shuddered. “Ryan… What are you talking about?” 

“You’ve tried every trick in the book, yet Justin has never given you a second thought. How could he possibly agree to meet you in a hotel room? Zoe, do I need to spell it out for you like this? When will you ever learn?!” Ryan grew angrier as he spoke, the veins on his forehead 

throbbing with anger. 

He could tolerate Zoe’s arrogance and stubbornness, but not her 

deceit and manipulation. 

“Grandpa… Grandpa, look at what Ryan is accusing me of!” Zoe went all out, determined to play the victim. “I’m his biological sister 

look at how he speaks of me. He thinks I’m just some slut who 

seduces men! Yes, I do have feelings for Justin, but it takes tw 

tango. If he really didn’t want me, then what happened that night 


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