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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 760

Chapter 760 

“Bella, you’re incredible!” Ralph exclaimed. 

In the cafe within the KS World Hotel, Ralph was sitting in a corner with Bella. He laid out several photos in front of her. “Just as you 

suspected, that thug had a secret room in his house, filled with photos of Shannon.” 

“It’s clear that he’s not just a casual fan of Aunt Celeste, as he claimed. I think his obsession with her has taken a twist.” 

Bella pressed her crimson lips together and spoke in a hushed tone. Ralph, have you uncovered any other significant clues?” 

Ralph hesitated briefly before pulling out a plastic bag from his pocket. Inside the bag was a necklace made of white gold and adorned with diamonds. The design appeared outdated, and the quality seemed less than stellar. “I found this in his house. It was carefully stored in a box, so it must be important to him.” 

Bella had an excellent memory and never forgot anything she s 

She recognized the necklace immediately and quickly searched through the photos. “Isn’t this the necklace Shannon used to we The resemblance in the photos is striking,” Bella said as she pulle 

out a picture. 

Her keen eyes left Ralph-an experienced detective-feeling 

inadequate. “Bella, you’re wasting your talent by not being in my line. 

of work!” 

Bella smirked. “I can’t handle it. I have a bad temper and might just 

Chap 760 

take matters into my own hands with the suspect.” 

Ralph remained silent and listened to Bella. 

“It seems that Shannon has a close relationship with this man. If she’s giving him her signature necklace, do you think there’s something suspicious going on between them?” Bella’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly. 

“Even if there is, it’s all in the past. This only suggests that they knew each other, but it’s not evidence that Shannon conspired with this man to harm Aunt Celeste,” Ralph said solemnly. 

“I understand. But with the current evidence, it’s enough to put 

Shannon in a tight spot,” Bella replied. 

She picked up the necklace and examined it under the light. Her eyes 

shimmered with determination. 

“Ralph, you’ve interrogated him, but he won’t talk. If he’s truly working for Shannon, there won’t be any suspicious transaction records 

between them. We can’t solidify the charges of her attempted 


Bella continued. “So, what I need to do now is leverage this 

information to gather more evidence and strike Shannon where it 

hurts the most.” 

Ralph widened his eyes in anticipation. “Bella, what do you have 


Bella leaned back. Her slender figure radiated both grace and authority as she tapped her fingertips slowly on the table. 

“I’m going to pay a visit to Tideview Manor and have a chat with 

Chapter 760 



After parting ways with Ralph, Bella received a call from her older 

sister, Camilla. 

Camilla informed Bella that she would be flying back to Sentania the 

next morning. With that, Bella and Steven immediately hurried back to 

Yara Park. 

Mila held Camilla’s hand in the living room. Both mother and daughter 


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