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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 759

Chapter 759 

Zoe’s brazen and malicious laughter, coupled with her unscrupulous actions, have repeatedly challenged Ryan’s bottom line. 

Ryan never fathomed that he would see his sister behave in such a manner. When did his beloved sister become such a degenerate? 

“I’ll ask you again. Who is behind all of this? Who is pulling the strings?!” Ryan roared hysterically at Zoe. 

“Nobody is manipulating me. You can ask me a million times, and my answer will remain the same.” Zoe asserted herself as she slowly stood up. She straightened her designer dress and casually flipped 

her brown, wavy hair. 

“Ryan, I’ll marry your best friend soon and become the young madam of the Salvador family. I will be the wife of Salvador Corporation’s president. You know Justin’s character better than anyone. Despite your plans to introduce me to a wealthy suitor, I’ve been in love with Justin for as long as I can remember. I won’t settle for anyone 

Shouldn’t you be happy for me if I marry into such a prestigious family? Aren’t you the one who doted on me the most? Was your affection for me not genuine?” 

“Zoe, what nonsense are you spouting?” Ryan felt like every word s 

uttered was stabbing his heart, fueling his already raging emotion 

“Oh, right. You no longer care about me. You’ve found someone new 

to replace me. What am I to you now? Probably less important than Carrie, right?” Zoe laughed hysterically and burst into tears. 

“Let me make it clear. Justin will never marry you. Stop being 

delusional!” Ryan was furious. “Also, Carrie has never been your enemy. She is…” 

“My future sister-in-law? How can a retarded person be my sister-in- 


Zoe sneered disdainfully, “Even if I accept it, Mom and Grandpa will never accept Carrie as your wife. Face it, Ryan. No matter how much you love her, she’ll always be a mistress, hidden away without any status or recognition. Do you really think Chairman Salvador would ever allow you to marry Carrie? I think you might be better off marrying Bethany.” 

Ryan’s heart ached, and his breath was heavy. “My marriage and love life are my own decisions. There’s no need for your concern or 

anyone else’s!” 

“The same goes for you. My marriage is none of your business,” Zoe replied, rubbing her bruised arms before heading toward the door. 

“Zoe, you’re taking the flight back to Inalia tonight. Without my consent, you’re not allowed back to Savrow!” Ryan’s eyes were fill with anger and disappointment. He slowly turned to look at her. you don’t leave, I’ll make you leave.” 

“Haha! Ryan, do you really think you can control me at this point? Zoe leaned against the doorframe, raising her chin arrogantly.” Grandpa wants me to stay here until I’m married off to Justin. Do you really think you can control me before that happens? Don’t even think 

of sending me away.” 


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