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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 763

Chapter 763 

“Why did you come?” 

Bella thought, ‘Why is it him, not Justin?’ 

Christopher wore a black suit and held a magnificent horse that 

sparkled in the midst of the night. He looked elegant and noble, like a 

prince walking out of a palace. 

“I came to see you.” 

“How’s your injury? You broke your ribs, so you need to rest for at 

least two months. What about the cast on your arm?” Bella recalled 

the horrible accident that night and asked about his injuries. 

“I’m not even scared of shattering my bones because of your concern 

for me.” Christopher stared at her with an affectionate gaze. 

Bella’s breath hitched. She was unsure how to respond. 

“Aside from visiting you, I also wanted to bring this horse to you. Y 

left in a hurry last time and couldn’t take it with you.” 

“Chris, this horse is beautiful. Thank you, but it’s too precious. I ca 

accept it.” Bella gently declined. 

“Bella, did I make you angry? Are you still upset about that day…” 

“No. It’s in the past now. Even if I didn’t block Justin, the relationship 

between me and him is not much different from that.” Bella smiled 


Christopher’s fingers tightened around the reins in his hand. 

Chapter 763 

Suddenly, he smiled. “I picked this horse for you and shipped it from overseas, which took over a month. I kept it at the Iverson family’s racecourse without their knowledge. You saw what happened at the 

racecourse that day. Charles is managing the racecourse, so I can’t 

keep the horse there anymore, but my house doesn’t have enough 

space. So… Can you help me out as a friend?” 

At this point, Bella could not refuse anymore. She had always fulfilled 

requests from her friends. 

“Then I will take care of the horse in your stead temporarily. When 

you have a place for it, let me know immediately, and I’ll send it to 


Bella stared at the horse, unable to hide the joy beneath her gaze. 

But there was no gain without effort. Bella’s upbringing taught her that no matter how good someone else’s belongings might be, she 

must not claim them for herself without a solid reason. 

“Okay. When I have a place for it, I’ll take it back.” 

Christopher looked up at the starry night sky. Crystal-clear snowflakes fell as he asked, “Bella, the night wind at Hatchbay is 

quite cold. Could I come in for a drink?” 

Bella then realized they had been standing outside in the cold win while talking. It was indeed a little impolite. She said embarrassedly Sorry, Chris, Please come in.” 

Christopher’s lips curled up as he walked to her. 

Just as he stood in front of Bella, he suddenly frowned and stared at her face. 

Chapter 763 


“What is it? Do I have something on my head?” Bella blinked in 



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