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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 764

Chapter 764 

Just as the gate was about to close, Christopher suddenly halted and 

looked back coldly. His lips curled up into a mocking smile. 

“Ha. Coward.” 

At this moment, Justin stood alone by the window, staring outside in 

a daze. 

He smoked cigarette after cigarette, creating a pile of ash in the crystal ashtray. Smoke filled the room, blurring his handsome but lonely face. 

Justin coughed a few times, feeling like his chest was hollowed out. 

He recalled the day he threw the divorce papers in front of Bella, forcing her to sign them. He was standing in the same place as when Bella left Tideview Manor in Asher’s car. She did not take a penny with 


At that time, Justin was furious, but he did not understand where the 

anger came from. 

Now, he finally understood it. He was reluctant to let Bella leave. 

For a long time after that, he and Bella hurt each other with words and confronted each other, only to prove a ridiculous point-that he did not love her. 

His love was not a belated affection that was cheaper than dirt. He 


only realized who his heart belonged to after Bella left. 

His love did not show because it was already engraved in his bones. 

At this time, his phone rang. Seeing lan’s name on the screen, Justin felt his heart skip a beat. He quickly picked it up after stubbing out the cigarette. 


“Mr. Salvador, I’ve been waiting outside Young Madam’s house the whole night as per your orders and finally saw her!” lan should have sounded relieved to complete his task, but his tone was heavy. 

“How is she?” Justin held his breath and asked with a heavy 


Thinking about how Bella left him with Christopher that night in the garden, he still felt a piercing pain in his heart. Justin stopped himself from calling Bella’s name. He was still sulking about the situation. 

He loved her, but that did not mean he would give up on his pride. 

“Mr. Salvador, I’ll send some photos to you. Please be mentally 


Justin’s phone rang with notifications. lan sent the photos through WhatsApp to Justin. 

Justin lowered his gaze and loaded the photos. 

In the photo, Christopher leaned against Bella’s neck. From this angle, 

it looked as if Christopher was kissing her smooth cheek. 

The two stood close together, and their intimacy was undeniable! 

Chap 264 

Bella only ever showed her resistance and repulsion toward Justin. Each time, Justin shamelessly approached her, despite her cold 

treatment, and every time, Bella crushed his pride. 

Justin got angrier the more he thought about it. His eyes reddened. 



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