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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 775

Chapter 775 

The hall fell silent. Bella’s commanding presence only made everyone feel as if they were in an icy cave. 

Her intimidating look was not inferior to Logan, who straddled both sides of the law! 

Shannon wanted to watch the show with a smile, thinking that Bella 

had come because she heard about the Hoffmans trying to force Justin into marriage and wanted to snatch Justin from Zoe. 

She thought she could enjoy the show, but Bella’s unexpected intentions disrupted her plans entirely. 

“Ms. Bella, you’re looking for me? I don’t have anything to do with you. Why are you looking for me?” Shannon looked surprised and chuckled 


“Whatever ties we had ended the day I divorced Justin.” 

Bella’s tone was nonchalant, revealing nothing about her en But your entanglement with one of your old acquaintances 

from over.” 

Her casual words were like a bomb that took the crowd by surp 

“Zoe! What is Ms. Bella saying? What’s going on?” Logan stared 

Zoe unbelievably. 

“Grandpa… I told you before. Have you forgotten?” Zoe reminded him 


Chapter 775 

“Told me? When did you tell me? I am old, but I’m not senile! You’ve never mentioned that Justin had been divorced once. 

Logan had been recuperating overseas for the past year, leaving the business to Ryan and his second son, Liam. He was unaware that Justin was married and divorced, and that his ex-wife was Wyatt’s 


He felt deceived! 

“Mr. Hoffman, so what if our Young Master was divorced once?!” 

Wilma could not endure it anymore. She retorted, “Our Young Master is an outstanding man. Even if he was divorced eight times, he would still have a long line of women willing to marry him! Also, didn’t your granddaughter propose marriage to our Young Master? She didn’t mind at all. Why are you making a fuss?” 

“Old hag, who gave you the right to speak here?” Logan scolded Wilma in anger and embarrassment. 

“This is the Salvador family’s manor, not the Hoffmans’. I ca 

whatever I want. Who do you think you are?” Wilma snorted ar 

turned around, ignoring Logan. 


Logan’s face reddened in anger, but quarreling with a servant fro 

another family was truly an act beneath him. 

Gregory had been holding back the whole night. Now that Wilma 

stood up against Logan, he could finally release some pent-up frustration. 

Chapter 775 

Although he did not like Justin much, he was still his flesh and blood. 

He could scold and beat Justin, but not anyone else! 

Justin’s breath hitched, and his heart thumped. He strode toward 

Bella and lowered his voice. “Bella, you can tell me. I’ll help you.” 

“Why? Are you afraid that I’m interrupting your discussion?” 

Bella’s dark eyelashes fluttered as she cast an icy glance at Justin, whispering in a voice only they could hear, “Rest assured. I won’t disrupt your family meeting. I’m only here for Shannon, and I will 

leave after that.” 


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