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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 774

Chapter 774 

At this point, everyone knew that Justin’s heart belonged to someone else-his ex-wife. 

Why did Bella suddenly appear now? 

Did she hear that the Hoffmans were coming to force Justin’s hand in marriage, so she came to save him? 

Bella wore a black bodycon dress and a black velvet designer suit jacket. Her shiny hair swayed to her waist, and her red lips were vibrant, making her look bold and beautiful. 

Bella looked effortlessly beautiful and astonishing. 

One confident glance from Bella was enough to completely crush 

Zoe’s self-esteem. 

Seeing Bella’s sudden appearance, Claire immediately patted her 

chest to calm her nervous heart. 

Claire had heart problems. When she thought about Bella’s deeds, Claire felt that it would be tough to deal with her. She 

not bear the stress. 

“Grandpa! She is the woman I mentioned to you! Bella!” 

Zoe anxiously muttered in Logan’s ear, “She always bullies me. Grandpa, you have to stand up for me!” 

Logan gloomily stared at Bella’s beautiful face, feeling a little 


Chap 774 

Although it was the first time Logan met Bella, her father, Wyatt, was his old acquaintance! 

They could not be considered friends, but Wyatt’s character was 

among the best in the elite society and was an influential figure. Logan could offend Gregory, but he did not want to offend Wyatt’s daughter. 

“Chairman Salvador, good evening. Sorry for my unannounced arrival. Oh, Chairman Hoffman, you’re here too.” 

Bella smiled and humbly bowed to Logan. “Greetings, Chairman 


She was elegant and knowledgeable, as expected of Wyatt’s daughter! 

Zoe anxiously urged, “Grandpa! Why aren’t you saying anything? She’s my bully and my love rival! She wants to snatch Justin away from me!” 

Logan pursed his lips. He could not help his granddaughter. 

He was a mighty figure who fought his way to the top in his years. How could he argue with a young girl like Bella? He w his dignity! 

Justin’s gaze was passionate as he stared at Bella’s stunning b 

His reason told him that he should be angry with her for hurting deeply, but his heart and body were burning with desire. The ragin 

hormones told him that he still longed for her. 


“Ms. Bella, it’s late. Why are you here?” Gregory smiled faintly, still 


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