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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 779

Chapter 779 

The Hoffman family was one of the top ten conglomerates in the country, and they had businesses all over the continent. 

Although they were not as prominent as the Thompson family, not ranking among the highest, they had always maintained a neutral stance. If the Hoffmans decided to work with the Salvadors’ nemesis, the Iverson family, it would be troublesome for the Salvadors. 

“Grandpa, I only went away for a few days, and you’ve eagerly come. to find trouble with Uncle Greg’s family.” 

The imposing sound of leather shoes against the marble floor rang throughout the hall. 

To everyone’s surprise, Ryan walked in, his face devilishly handsome. 

Shannon’s eyes immediately lit up upon seeing him. This man was 

her future son-in-law! 

Just thinking about how the heir of the Hoffman Group would 

become her son-in-law made her happier than ever. Those noble 

ladies who looked down and neglected her would now have to fawn 

over her! 

“Mr. Ryan!” The bodyguards bowed in unison. 

“Ryan, why did you come here?” Logan’s expression sank. 

“What else? I came to find Justin.” 

Ryan’s cold gaze swept across the Hoffmans, and the bodyguards 

were frightened into silence, all lowering their heads. “It’s a good thing I came. Otherwise, I would’ve missed this great show.” 

Actually, he got the news from his girlfriend, Carrie. 

He was discussing a business project outside while Carrie watched a movie with Yasmin at home. She received a call from Linny, saying that Justin was in trouble. The Hoffmans came to force him into a 

marriage, making a fuss. 

She was worried about her brother, so she contacted Ryan to help 


Ryan never rejected a request from Carrie, not to mention that Justin was his best friend. He abandoned the business meeting and sped 


“Great. Then ask your good friend to come down now!” Logan’s face 

was twisted with anger. 

“I can’t do that.” 

Ryan also saw Bella’s car and knew she must be with Justin at the 

moment. He smiled in relief and said, “He is enjoying his time with. Bella. Why must I interrupt them and be the third wheel? I’m not doing. 

such an annoying thing.” 

Zoe was so mad that she trembled all over, viciously glaring at her 

own brother.. 

When Ryan met her eyes, he felt a sting in his heart, feeling painful 

and bitter. 

Zoe was his sister, whom he had carried in his arms since she was a 

baby. He had helped raise her. The way she stared coldly at him now 


was like looking at her mortal enemy. 

That innocent and pure girl, who used to cling to him, begging him to buy her dolls and ice cream, seemed to be gone. 

“Enjoying their time together?!” 

Claire could not take it anymore. She asked anxiously, “Didn’t Bella divorce Justin a long time ago? How is that possible?” 

“Nothing is impossible in matters of the heart.” 

Ryan’s gaze hardened as he said, “Grandpa, in terms of family. background, talent, and appearance, Bella is better than Zoe in every 


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