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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 780

Chapter 780 

Was Zoe manipulated by someone to do so? Could there be more 

the incident? 

“Mr. Hoffman, is that true?!” 

Wilma patted her thigh indignantly and huffed. “I knew it! Our young master isn’t a lewd man. I watched him grow up. I don’t believe he’s a man who can’t control his desires and would lose his mind when he sees a woman! If he is, our young madam wouldn’t love him so much! There must be something fishy going on!” 

Claire shouted, “What do you mean? Are you saying that my daughter has no modesty and used dirty tricks to seduce Justin?” 

“I didn’t say that. It was all your words.” Wilma rolled her eyes and 

stuck her tongue out. 

Wilma had lived so many years without getting married or having 

children. Her only weakness was Justin, and she was not afraid of 

anyone else. 

“You! You old bitch!” 

Claire clutched her hurting chest and glared at Shannon. “Mrs. 

Salvador! Are all your household staff so rude as to speak to guests 

like this? Shouldn’t you take any action?!” 

“Oh, Mrs. Hoffman, you’ve seen how important Wilma is to Justin.. 

She even has a higher position than us. How would I dare to scold 

her?” Shannon acted as if she were helpless, but she found joy in watching Claire get humiliated. 

(CHILY (7) 

“Ryan! You don’t have evidence. How could you blame it on me?” Zoe trembled, appearing as if she were crying, but it was actually from 


“Who says I don’t?” 

Ryan narrowed his eyes. “I didn’t want to reveal what I found here because it would look ugly. But you dragged Grandpa into this. I can’t 

accept it.” 

Zoe’s heart skipped a beat. 

The crowd also perked up their ears, listening attentively. 

“I checked your call records before and after that day, even the call records for this month. If you were secretly dating Justin, how could you not make a single call to him? You didn’t even call him on the day of your so-called hotel date. Are you communicating telepathically?” 

Zoe blushed. “I…” 

“There’s more.” 

Ryan took out his phone as he spoke, his voice turning cold. “I took 

the driving recorder from your car and found this audio on the storage 

card. It was recorded the day you waited for Justin at the hotel.” 

He pressed the play button, and Zoe’s smug voice rang out clearly. 

“I’ve made the arrangements according to your instructions. I will be 

waiting in the room you booked when the time comes. Justin will 

come to find me, right? Thank you for helping me. I will remember 

your favor and will definitely repay you in the future!” 

The crow 

was stunned. 

Was it all a setup by Zoe? 

Did someone pull strings behind the scenes, leading to their sec meeting in the hotel? Was it a trap? 

However, who was the mastermind hiding behind Zoe and helping her 


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