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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 782

Chapter 782 

Justin’s blood boiled with anger as he shot back, “Do you ho think I give a damn?” 

“Who cares whether you do or don’t? Just stay out of my business, and I’ll stay out of yours. I’m done here.” 

Bella just wanted to leave this room as quickly as possible, because being alone with Justin made her feel suffocated. She had only intended to stir up trouble for Shannon tonight, not get caught up in 

an argument with this jerk. 

She was a sensitive person, easily moved by memories. But when she 

looked back on their three years of marriage, there were only bitter 


What’s worse? This room was where she lost her virginity to Justin. But even until now, he remained oblivious to their shared intimacy 

Some memories only brought pain, so Bella decided it was best to forget about them. 

Bella got up and walked past Justin, completely ignoring him. But as she brushed past him, Justin grabbed her shoulders and forcefully pressed her against the wall. 

“Ouch!” Bella winced from the intense pain in her back. 

Justin’s intense gaze felt suffocating, leaving Bella struggling to 

comprehend what was happening. 

“Justin! Have you lost your mind?” 

“Have we had sex before?” Justin’s voice was hoarse, sending shivers down Bella’s spine. Her heart skipped a beat, and she froze in sh 

“Justin, what did you say?” 

“It’s nothing.” Justin shook his head forcefully, his throat feeling dry. 

Justin thought he was losing his mind. Why would he ask her such a provocative question? 

But then, what were those steamy memories flooding his mind? He can’t be hitting puberty again at thirty, right? 

“Leave me alone, Justin.” Bella’s heart raced as she pushed against his chest. Her cheeks were burning red. “You saved my life, and I don’t want to hate you. But if you keep bothering me, I won’t show 

you any mercy!” 

“Bella, do you despise me so much? Do you distrust me that much?” 

Justin’s voice carried a hint of bitterness. 

When love was unreciprocated, it festered with resentment. A once hopeful soul could turn resentful and gradually spiral into madness. 

“Justin, do you know how much I hate being in this room?” Bella raised her gaze, her eyes cold as they fixated on the luxurious crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. 

She had spent countless nights here alone, looking at the chandelier. A bitter laugh escaped her lips. 


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