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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 783

Chapter 783 

What Bella wanted most was for Justin to vanish from her life 


Although it wasn’t verified, the evidence that Ryan brought up carried 

considerable weight as circumstantial evidence. 

The situation suddenly became more complicated. 

Fortunately, only members of the Salvador and Hoffman families 

were present. 

If these allegations were made public, Zoe’s reputation would have been completely ruined. 

After all, as Zoe’s elder brother, Ryan couldn’t be so heartless. 

Since they couldn’t reach an agreement and Ryan was unwilling to budge, Logan had no choice but to leave and investigate further at 


Logan stood up, leaning on his cane for support, and said, “Ryan, Zoe! Both of you, come with me!” 

“Leaving already, Old Master Logan? Did you finalize your granddaughter’s marriage?” 

clear voice echoed through the room as Bella descended the stairs with a smile. She moved with such grace and confidence, almost as if 

she owned this manor. 

Her presence seemed to even overshadow Shannon, who was the actual lady of the house. 

Shannon’s expression turned sour once more. 

“Well, I’m sure you must have plenty to catch up on with Mr. Salvador. We won’t disturb you any longer, Ms. Thompson,” Logan said, clearly displeased. Bella’s unexpected appearance had disrupted their plans. 

Bella said with a smile, “Oh, Mr. Logan, don’t get the wrong idea. I have nothing to talk about with Mr. Salvador. He was just throwing a fit. After all, he has never talked to me during our 3 years of marriage. Despite being married to him for 3 years, I never quite understood 

what was going on in his mind.” 

Hearing Bella openly admit her past identity as Justin’s ex-wife, 

Logan was stunned and speechless. 

Having just entered the room, Justin overheard her words, and his 

face darkened with frustration. ‘Damn it, why does it seem like I can 

never do anything right in her eyes?’ 

“Mrs. Salvador, shall we have a chat?” Bella’s tone was cold as she 

looked at Shannon. 

“Sorry, Ms. Thompson, it’s late and I need to rest. I don’t have time to 

chat with you. Let’s discuss this another day.” Shannon was hesitant, 

as she was aware of Bella’s intentions. 


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