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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 784

Chapter 784 

Shannon knew the assailant? 

The room was silent. Everyone, including Gregory and the Hoffmans, stared at Shannon in disbelief, stunned by the news. 

However, there was one person who remained as composed as Bella, and that was Justin. From the moment Bella began to suspect 

Shannon, Justin also harbored doubts about the latter. 

He had planned to investigate at the time, but he suffered a severe head injury and underwent life-threatening brain surgery. After that, the scandal between him and Zoe also caused chaos and interrupted 

his plans. 

Earlier, Justin had intervened when Bella wanted to confront Shannon 

alone. He pulled her upstairs, wanting to stop her from stirring 

trouble. If Shannon dared to attack Madam Celeste in public, she was 

certainly capable of hurting Bella too! 

He didn’t want to get Bella’s hands dirty. He wanted to help her seek justice, even if it meant that he had to do the dirty work. 

Justin had to admit that he was angry and frustrated at Bella’s lack of trust in him. But despite all that, he couldn’t deny that he loved her with all his heart. He was willing to go to the extremes for this love. He no longer cared for the consequences and only craved for her to be the center of his universe. 

Gregory asked anxiously, “Shannon, is Ms. Thompson saying the truth? Do you know the assailant?” 

“Greg, are you seriously doubting me too? Ms. Thompson shows up out of nowhere and interrogates me. Are you going to join her to Shannon widened her eyes and clutched her chest. Her eyes were filled with sorrow and grievance. 

Her reaction seemed overly dramatic, as if straight out of a soap 


Meanwhile, Bethany, who had just sobered up after a night of drinking in her room, stumbled out of the room. She had overheard every word her father had asked Shannon, and she was shocked. 

‘What’s happening? With a few questions from Bella, why is Dad suddenly suspicious of Mom?” 

In her memory, Gregory had always been protective of Shannon. Even when Shannon argued with Nigel, Gregory had always stood by her side, ready to defend her at all times. 

“Don’t overthink it. I didn’t mean to doubt you,” Gregory said, frowning 

and clenching his fist tightly. 

“Of course not! How could I possibly know someone like that?” Shannon’s temples glistened with sweat. She looked at Bella with resentment. “Bella, I know you hold a grudge against me, and we’ve had our disagreements before. But I’ve moved on! Now that your family is in trouble, you’re coming after me? I’m not some scapegoat for your family’s problems. Why should you come to me for answers? 

Do you think I’m an easy target?” 

Bella smiled casually and said, “Mrs. Salvador, are you feeling guilty? I 

only asked if you knew him, nothing more. Why are you getting so 


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