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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 794

Chapter 794 

“Don’t worry, Zoe. This matter won’t end just like that. Mom has got your back.” Claire reassured her daughter, a cold gleam flashing in 

her eyes. 

“But Ryan is in charge of everything at home now! Considering he has such a good relationship with Justin and Bella, what can we possibly 


Claire’s voice dripped with bitterness as she exclaimed, “If your big 

brother thinks he can control who you love, then he shouldn’t even 

dream about being together with that Salvador retard. With your grandfather backing us up, he won’t dare to overlook the family’s 

reputation. He will do everything possible to ensure you end up with 

Justin. Mark my words. He will never allow Carrie to join the 


“Mom, Ryan has his guard up against us! Won’t he see through our 


Zoe’s eyes were red as she screamed in frustration. “He protects tha 

little slut, Carrie, like she’s his own heart and soul. How are we 

supposed to do something when he’s watching our every move?” 

“There will be opportunities. Even if he’s fawning over Shannon’s silly 

daughter, he can’t be with her every waking moment. There will be times when he’s away.” 

Claire was truly angry this time. 

Normally, she would not bother with such matters. But after 

witnessing her own daughter being bullied, and with her reputation at stake, she was determined to remove all obstacles and ensure her daughter’s marriage with Justin! 

At the same time, she also wanted to find a fitting match for Ryan, a daughter-in-law worthy of their prestigious family. 

It certainly wouldn’t be Shannon’s autistic daughter, Carrie. 

Bella briskly walked, slipping into her sports car. She stepped on the gas and sped out of Tideview Manor. 

As her car turned out of the gate, her grip tightened on the steering 


Standing under the dim streetlights, Christopher leaned against his electric blue sports car, looking elegant and graceful. 

It was unclear how long he had been standing there or how long he had been waiting, yet there was not a trace of impatience in his 


Seeing Bella’s car appear, his eyes suddenly lit up with anticipation and he straightened away from the sports car, his expression eager 

as he waved at her like a giddy teenager. 

The sports car screeched to a halt, stopping in front of the man. 

Bella looked surprised as she stepped out of the car. “Why are you 


“I was waiting for you,” Christopher replied, a faint smile tugging at 

the corner of his lips. His gaze was soft. 

She was even more puzzled now. “Waiting for me? Why were you 

waiting for me?” 

“I found out that your car was heading toward the Salvadors’ manor, so I followed you. I didn’t mean anything else. I was worried that you would be bullied and would have no one around to help.” 

With a wry smile, Christopher added, “But it turns out I was being foolish. I couldn’t get in, and even if I came, I wouldn’t be able to help you. But being able to see you now, my efforts weren’t in vain.” 

Bella blinked, feeling a mixture of emotions at his words. 

She had always been independent and free, unwilling to be watched 

or controlled by others. 

The thought of someone investigating and silently following her 

made her uncomfortable. 

“I’m fine, just sorting out some personal matters,” Bella replied with a 


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