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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 795

Chapter 795 

“Chris! What are you doing?” Bella exclaimed, flustered. She instinctively pushed against his shoulders. 

To Justin, her struggles seemed like ambiguous signals of 


Christopher remained silent, only hugging her tighter. He glanced up 

once more, locking eyes with Justin. 

His expression was filled with blatant mockery and arrogance. No 

matter how much Bella struggled, he refused to let her go. 

Justin’s heart felt like it was being pierced by a thousand knives. 

Every nerve in his body was taut as waves of agony washed over him. ut as waves of agony washed over him. 

Watching Bella and Christopher embrace felt worse than being 

physically stabbed. The pain was far worse compared to the injuries 

he suffered as a soldier. 

Justin’s face drained of color as he turned away, stumbling back as if 

he had drunk too much. His body weakened. 

At that moment, Christopher’s arms loosened, and Bella took the 

opportunity to break free. She stepped back, her eyes filled with anger. 

“Mr. Iverson, don’t ever do this again. Consider this your final warning. Otherwise, we won’t even be friends anymore!” 

“I’m sorry, Bella. I truly am.” 

Christopher immediately put on an expression of innocence and guilt, 

his hands suspended in the air, looking incredibly embarrassed. 

“I know you only see me as a friend, and I’ve been trying to remind myself to maintain my boundaries. But I just lost control at that moment. I promise it won’t happen again. Bella, please forgive me 

this time. I was just too emotional.” 

Bella rubbed her forehead impatiently, letting out a heavy sigh. “I 

really hate it when men other than my brothers touch me. I hope your 

remember that.” 

Christopher clenched his teeth. His hands awkwardly hung by his 

sides with his fists clenched in frustration. 

He thought, ‘Do you really hate other men touching you? What about 

Justin? You even allow your secretary, Steven, to be near you. Is it 

just me that you can’t stand, Bella?’ 

“Thank you for your concern. It’s late, so I should go back now.” 

As she said that, she had a deja vu moment and slowly turned to look behind her, only to be disappointed that there was no one there. 


Justin stumbled back to the villa, dragging his feet. 

“Justin!” Ryan was so concerned about his best friend that he didn’t 

leave with the rest of his family. 

When he saw Justin returning alone, looking lost and dejected, he hurriedly approached Justin. 

However, Justin did not even notice Ryan and walked forward in a 


“Justin Justin Ryan reached out and embraced him, anxiously 

asking “Where’s Bella? How did your conversation go Has she 

forgiven you? 

haven’t done anything wrong 

Justin’s bloodshot eyes were 

“Why should I seek her forgiveness 

Why should I ask for her forgiveness 


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