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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 102

Jean said, "So what? I did not mind what others thought of me."

Neera fell silent. However, Jean’s words somehow made sense. But I do care what others think of me!

Neera exclaimed, "But I do! You should leave before others come. Stop causing trouble here!"

However, Jean remained silent and leaned on the sofa, acting like nothing was happening.

Neera could not help but feel anxious. Things will get complicated. If Mr. Beauvort comes in now, I would not be able to explain myself.

"Do you really want to be caught here? I begged you, for the sake of me treating you before, please leave now, okay?"

However, Jean ignored her.

Neera was infuriated. This bastard was definitely doing this on purpose! He is trying to mess things up here!

However, Neera quickly calmed down. I will let him stay here! It would be Roxanne’s fault if I actually got caught having a paramour here! Why should I be worried? I felt somehow relieved now.

Neera started to observe the room. The room was spacious and bright, adorned in shades of red with a profusion of red roses scattered around the bed. They had put a lot of effort into this marriage! However, something isn’t right here. Hold on… The layout here seemed familiar from Imperial Gardens! The dressing room, bathroom, windows, and balcony were identical! The decoration here seems familiar too! A frightening thought suddenly leaped into my mind. I suddenly recalled the room in which I had given the treatment earlier.

Neera asked, "We've known each other for so long, and I seem to have never asked you... What's your surname?" I had a bad feeling.

Jean almost burst into laughter. I had never seen someone’s mood change so rapidly!

Jean replied, "You've never asked, so guess my name?"

Neera exclaimed in a shaky tone. "Are you, Mr. Beauvort?"


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