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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 103

Jean said, "You guessed it right. I thought you already knew."

Neera fell silent. I knew nothing! What did I do to be treated like this? I could not accept that Jean was always there when I tried to escape from him! Not to mention that I even unintentionally married him! Neera was too stunned to speak.

Jean observed her expression and almost laughed. I was troubled as well. Originally, I was supposed to marry someone that I had never met, but it turned out to be Neera! How did the Garcia family dare to tell such a lie?

After a while, Neera asked, "So what are we supposed to do now?"

Jean replied, "What do you think?"

"What else can we do? Let's act normal and pretend as if this never happened! You were initially not satisfied with the marriage, right?"

That was Jean’s initial plan as well. However, I could make some changes to the plan. First, I did not dislike or hate Neera. Secondly, I still need her treatment! I was thinking about increasing the amount of treatment. Neera only promised to give me ten treatments! She will definitely treat me better if we get married; I can never give up such a great opportunity like this!

Jean replied, "Pretending like nothing happened won't work! The guests have already been invited, and my family won't easily overlook everything that happened."

Neera said, "But the person you were supposed to marry was Roxanne, not me! You should settle this matter with the Garcia family! This is practically a forced marriage!"

Jean remained calm and said, "It was the Garcia family that forced you into this marriage, not the Beauvort family."

Neera fell silent.

Jean continued to say, "Are you just going to let them off the hook despite what they did to you?"

Of course, Neera was not willing to let it go! I initially planned to ruin the marriage on the wedding day, but I never expected my groom to be Jean!

Jean said, "Do you know how much benefit the Garcia family gained from this marriage?"

Neera hesitated and asked, "How much?"

Jean calmly replied, "Three hundred million dollars and a ten-billion-dollar project proposal! The Garcia family will definitely prosper with this project! They will gain more wealth and popularity."


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