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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 110

Neera sent the kids off to school. She realized they were not as excited as in the morning. They really do like Jean! However, it’s best to make everything clear since the marriage is fake. They will accept it gradually.

Zuniga said to her after returning from the kindergarten, "Ms. Gracia, Mr. Ian was here looking for you. He asked you to go over when you are back."

Neera knew it was about the marriage contract, so she went next door.

Richard greeted her respectfully, "Mrs. Beauvort, please come in."

Neera staggered, and Richard helped her up. "Mrs. Beauvort, watch your step carefully."

Neera forced a smile and said, "Richard, just call me Ms. Garcia. I am not used to being called Mrs. Beauvort." Seeing that Neera disliked it, Richard stopped.

Jean handed over a document to Neera, saying, "This is the agreement statement of our marriage contract. Take a look. Sign it if there are no issues."

Neera murmured, "What an efficiency..." She read through the document carefully. It includes a long list of terms. Such as her treatment of Jean, the 1.3 billion dollars Jean vowed to pay, and the responsibilities of husband and wife during the fake marriage. Some physical contact was permitted when required, but it was strictly prohibited to cross the line and was only allowed to involve holding hands or hugs. They were mainly there to deceive the elders. The duration of this contract was tentatively set at two years.

Neera was amazed by how meticulously Jean had thought. She accepted the previous content, but she was curious and asked, "Isn’t a fake marriage of two years too long? Is it necessary?"

Jean was leaning against the couch with his legs crossed. He responded calmly, "It is necessary. You must treat me as well as you can throughout this time. After all, 1.3 billion dollars is not a small sum. I must receive the best outcome after I consent to this arrangement. Ms. Garcia, it’s not easy to earn money."

Neera was rather speechless. That’s right. I can get 1.3 billion dollars in compensation for two years of treatment. I am the one taking advantage of him. However, why does he speak with such disrespect? Do I look like someone running away from my responsibilities?

She asked, "What if I treated your illness before the two-year deadline? Are you planning to shrink my payment?"

Jean burst out laughing; she is really confident! I had been ill for too long; no treatment could cure me for all these years. My body had been weak. She thought she could treat me within two years? Is she being serious? It’s not impossible, based on the superb medical skills she had.

He said bluntly, "If you succeed, I will allow the contract to end early. I will pay the exact amount. After all, my life is valuable."

Since Jean made his promise, Neera signed the contract without hesitation.


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