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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 111

There was another copy of the contract. Neera shoved one copy to him and made sure she kept her own copy, “Happy to cooperate with you.”

Jean cocked his brows and replied, “Same goes for you.”

Then, Neera went back.

Ian, who was next to them, watched their interaction and could not help but feel that fate was at work here. The strange turns of events that connected Jean and Neera were indeed inexplicable.

When he was informed to construct the contract, it almost gave him a heart attack.

He could not believe that his master was about to enter a contract marriage with Ms. Garcia!

He also could not believe that the Garcia family attempted to perpetuate a fraud as if they were toying with the Beauvort family like fools!

Ian would never forgive them for this.

Jean handed the contract to Richard for him to keep it.

Then, he got up and said to Ian mechanically, “Get the car ready. We are headed to the company.”

Ian immediately returned to his senses and got down to work.

The following morning, Alfonso woke up and took his phone immediately. He was expecting the dowry and the contract that he was supposed to receive from the Beauvort family eagerly.

Previously, the two families had made a pact. The following day of their marriage, the money and the contract would both be in effect.

However, he kept waiting to no avail. He did not receive that huge sum of money nor did he receive any confirmation of a contract.

The Beauvort family felt like they had disappeared into thin air. There was no news from them at all…

Susan and Roxanne were panicking too. Their patience was running out.

“Hubby, what’s going on with them? The Beauvort family has promised to wire us the money today. And also, those contracts! Don’t you see how late it is now? Why isn’t there any news at all? They are not trustworthy at all!”

“That’s right, Dad. We really need that money! In order to make that happen, Mum lost his favorite ruby jewelry. She is expecting you to buy another one for her!”

Alfonso was beyond irritated right now. He shot a glare at them.

“All you can think about is that damn jewelry! Why are you asking me that as if I have the answer? Your guess is as good as mine!”

His brows were furrowed, “From what I hear, the Beauvort always keeps their words. Never have I heard about them going back on their words…”

Susan thought of one possibility and she could not help but feel worried.

“Did they discover that Roze is not the one that they get? Could that be why they are angry?”

Alfonso could not wait anymore. He decided to visit the Beauvort. He needed to hear it from Frederic first.

However, the moment he reached, he was brought to Jean’s office.

This was his first time meeting the infamous Mr. Beauvort!

His impression of Jean was someone that was always bedridden, but now that he could get a good look at him, he found that he was wrong.

Indeed, Jean looked a little pale compared to ordinary men, but unlike people crippled by sickness, he was actually looking energetic.

Before Jean even spoke a single word, Alfonso could already feel his immense aura. He felt like the air itself had gotten heavier.

He swallowed a few times. He did not dare to start a ruckus, and he also decided to forget about the fact that he was supposed to be Jean’s “father-in-law”. He whimpered, “M–Mr. Beauvort.”

Jean glanced at him coldly. He did not beat around the bushes, “Are you here to ask about the contract and the dowry?”

Alfonso forced an ugly smile on his face as he admitted sheepishly, “T–That’s right. Seeing that it was already past our agreed time, I did not receive the dowry and contract. I just so happened to be around here, so I was thinking I could pay you a visit. Don’t worry, I am not trying to rush you by any means, after all, I am familiar with the reputation of the Beauvort family…”

Jean could not stifle a sarcastic chuckle. His gaze was ever so frosty and menacing.

“Alfonso, you really have some guys. I can’t believe that you dared to ask for money while you sent the wrong girl to us. Do you think you are that smart? That you can play us for fools?”

Alfonso felt his heart sink.

His worst nightmare had come true. The Beauvort family knew the truth!


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