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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 122

Levi was familiar with her personality. He quickly switched back to his working mode.

“Most of the stocks have already arrived, and the remaining stocks will come in the next few days. About the sales counter, I have talked to most shopping malls but unfortunately, they did not give us the green light.”

Neera was surprised to learn this, “Why?”

Levi spread his palms and said helplessly, “They are asking for too much. The seven high-end malls in Kingsview are all owned by the five main corporations. They are aiming to introduce international brands and they are focusing on luxurious brands. Although our brand enjoys a good reputation in the international market, we don’t really make the cut in terms of prestige and price range.”

Neera frowned, “What do you mean the five corporations?”

Levi nodded, “I’m talking about the Beauvort family, the Husbolt family, the Kingston family, the Alexander family, and the Crimea family. Among them, the Beauvort family is the hardest to deal with.”

Neera did not look so gloomy anymore upon hearing that.

So, he was saying that the Beauvort family was hard to deal with?

That might not be true!

Levi was in the dark about her relationship with Jean. He suggested, “Among those big names, maybe we can start with the Crimea family. I heard that they are more gentle.”

Neera rejected this suggestion immediately, “No, we will start with the Beauvort family. If we can establish a relationship with them, the other families would follow suit.”

Levi sank into silence and laughed dryly, “Neera, I know you would say that, but the Beauvorts are not a kind bunch… We might run into various obstacles, I reckon.”

Neera was not anxious at all. She answered confidently, “Don’t worry about that. Just pass me the documents. I will come up with something.”

Levi said nothing at this point since she sounded so confident.

“Alright, I’ll ask someone to pass you the documents later. Do you want to familiarize yourself with our departments? You can see the employees here as well!”

Neera nodded, “That’s fine by me.”

Levi then brought Neera to various departments and introduced her to the employees.

“She is the CEO of our Asian branch as well as our boss’ niece. She has been stationed overseas to deal with the branch there as a manager. Now that she is back, she will oversee our operations. Please get to know each other as we will work together from now on.”

Everyone directed their gaze at Neera and found that not only was she pretty, but she also had a confident aura to her.

Despite being young, Neera gave off a solemn and business-like aura too. She was not a person to joke with.

The employees felt refreshed as they greeted her, “Good morning, Ms. Garcia.”

Neera nodded in response and gave a little speech to clarify her stance about the company culture. She left after that.

After the visits to the departments, she went home with Levi’s planning documents.

In a study room on the second floor of the Imperial Gardens, Jean was reading the accounting ledger which had the records of all the expenditures of Joanna’s research lab.

Jean only had one conclusion in mind after reading it.

This was a huge investment that yielded little returns!

Jean was getting annoyed. He tossed the ledger to one side and said, “Don’t ever show me something like this again in the future.”

Ian was sweating nervously, “Yes, Mr. Beauvort.”

In a research lab that operated under the Beauvort Group, Joanna stirred and woke up after a long sleep. Then, she stepped into her office.

She immediately instructed her assistant to hand her Jean’s readings of late.

The memory of her getting rejected by Jean was still playing in her mind.

Whenever she thought about how Neera could enter and leave Jean’s place as she pleased, Joanna would feel an intense hatred.

She could not come to terms with the fact that Neera was superior to her in terms of medical proficiency! There was no way Neera could do what she could not!

She must work hard so that she could gain Jean’s acknowledgment!

However, as she reaffirmed her conviction, she realized that her assistant was stuck to the floor, unmoving. She had a difficult expression on her face.

“Why aren’t you getting my files?” Joanna frowned.

“Ms. Bridges…” Her assistant began awkwardly, “Mr. Beauvort has just given his newest order. From now on, you don’t need to tend to his condition anymore.”

Joanna froze, “What did you say?”

The assistant was sweating profusely, “Mr. Ian ordered that everyone else will continue their participation except for you. I am just passing on the message.”


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