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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 123

Joanna’s heart sank.

Was it because she could not produce any results yet? So Jean was going to abandon her?

How could this be?

She had wasted two years of her time just for this. There was no way all of her efforts were in vain.

How could Jean be so heartless?

Was Neera her replacement just because her medication produced little result?

She began to ventilate and her face turned dark. She wanted to rush to where Jean was right now and interrogate him.

However, she knew very well that Jean would turn a blind eye to her no matter what she did!

She returned to her office in an extremely foul mood. Spurred by anger, she swept everything on her desk to the floor.

This was Neera’s fault!

Why did that b*tch have to take everything away from her?

She could only calm down after a long time. Despite that, she could not wipe away the indignation in her heart.

She would not accept this outcome and just sit still.

It seemed that it was time to pay Wrenn a visit…

In the afternoon, Joanna used the excuse of treating Wrenn to enter the mansion. She carried her medical box so that her excuse would sound real.

Wrenn was happy to see her, “You’re so thoughtful for coming here personally.”

Joanna smiled, “This is part of my duty. What’s more, it seems that Mr. Beauvort is in the pink of health right now. I cannot be of any use to him anymore.”

Wrenn was able to sense what she meant. She was very put off by her reply, “What do you mean? He told me that he wanted you to continue to treat him.”

Joanna looked at the floor. There was anguish in her eyes.

“Maybe I am not a good enough doctor. He must be disappointed in me.”

Then, she faked a forced smile, “But that’s fine, it’s already rewarding enough for me to treat him until now. Ms. Garcia must be a good doctor in her own right since Mr. Beauvort is employing her now instead of me. I can understand that.”

She let her voice trail off as she began to perform a check-up on Wrenn.

Wrenn frowned, “What exactly happened? Why would Jean not employ you? Are you telling me the truth right now?”

Joanna pretended to mull over something.

Wrenn urged her and she finally spilled it. She claimed that she was excluded from participating in his treatment.

Wrenn would never expect Jean to do something like this.

“That brat is too much!”

She wanted to get up to look for him now, “I will ask him about this. No matter what, you were his doctor for the past two years. How can he do this to you?”

Joanna tried to stop her, “Madam, I think we should just drop it. Based on my understanding of him, maybe this will even irk him. He would hate me even more. I…”

She bit her lips and her eyes turned red. She looked pitiful right now.

Wrenn could not bear to see her being this sad, “Although Jean did not really recover in the past two years, I can see how hard-working you were. I believe in you more than Ms. Garcia. Do you intend to give up like this?”

Joanna whispered, “Madam, of course, I wouldn’t want to give up my position, but Mr. Beauvort doesn’t seem to trust me anymore. I have no other way even though I am so anxious about it, unless…”

Wrenn took the bait, “Unless what?”

Joanna continued to look at the floor.

“Unless Mr. Beauvort can have faith again in my skills. Perhaps he would want me to treat him again.”

Wrenn thought about it and came up with an idea, “This shouldn’t be too hard. Jean’s uncle is in critical condition right now because of a persisting illness. He is going to undergo liver surgery in the near future and the hospital told me that it is quite risky. What about this? Take over that surgery, and I will ask Jean to come see you. By then, maybe I can put in a word…”

Joanna was elated to hear that.

“Madam, you are too good to me. Thank you so much. I will never let you down!”

Later, when Joanna was gone, Wrenn called Jean, “Your uncle is going to undergo surgery tomorrow. Come with me.”

Jean was not familiar with this particular uncle.

However, their family had business ties with them, and they are also blood relatives. He decided to show some concern.

Wrenn replied, “He’s in quite a critical condition right now, and he might lose his life. You should come just in case.”

“Got it.”

Jean pinched his brows and got up. He walked to the French window and said, “I have an international meeting tomorrow. I will go after that.”


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