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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 124

At that moment in Villa No.2, Neera was enjoying some tea in a gazebo.

She was leafing through the plans that she had brought back just now. She was thinking about how she should broach this topic with Jean…

At that moment, her dogs were chasing around, having a great time. They were chasing each other around her.

Neera simply glanced at them without any thoughts.

Suddenly, an idea sprung to her mind. Her eyes widened in excitement and a smile formed on her face.

“Ace, Cece, and Pixie. Come with me!”

She stood up and summoned them.

The dogs knew to understand instructions. They stood in a row and wagged their tails. Their tongues were hanging out of their mouths as they began to follow her.

Neera led them to the hole which was sealed a while ago. She looked around the courtyard to make sure nobody was around. She was quite suspicious at the moment.

After making sure she’s the only person there, she carefully opened the seal.

Behind her, the three dogs stared at her curiously. They were wondering what she had in mind.

After making sure the hole was big enough for the dogs to go through, she stood up and clapped. She then pointed at the hole and instructed the dogs, “Quick, go through that and have fun there!”

It seemed that they understood her. They were even more excited now as they wagged their tails and waddled through the hole.

They set foot on the green field and began to run amok…

On the second floor, Jean hung up on his mother and saw the dogs running around. There was a grave expression on his face.

What was that woman thinking?

Ian was equally curious.

He cleared his throat and asked, “Mr. Beauvort, do I need to rope the dogs in? They might destroy the courtyard.”

Jean narrowed his eyes, “Wait. Let’s see what happens next.”

He wanted to see what kind of trick this woman was going to pull!

Neera waited for some time and as if on cue, she went to the next door to press on the doorbell.

Ian opened the door and produced a wide grin at her, “Ms. Garcia, what can I help you with?”

Neera replied with an answer she had rehearsed just now, “The thing is, I found that my dogs dug a hole through that fence once again, and they are nowhere to be found. Maybe they are in your courtyard now. Did you see them around?”

Ian did not answer immediately.

The corners of his mouth twitched as he pretended to know nothing, “I didn’t see them. Maybe I should look around? What about coming in first, Ms. Garcia.”

That was what Neera was gunning for. She nodded and invited herself in.

Jean was right next to the gazebo. Upon seeing her, he narrowed his eyes and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Neera ignored the guilt in her heart and asked, “I am looking for my dogs.”

A playful look appeared on his face. He answered coldly, “Go on, look for them.”

Neera nodded and began scouring the compound.

In no time, she found the dogs.

Ian was behind her the whole time. He stared at the plants which were getting destroyed and felt speechless.

“Ms. Garcia, your dogs are really a nuisance…”

Neera answered calmly, “Don’t worry, I will compensate you.”

She was rich now. Although those plants were quite expensive, she had to make some monetary sacrifices to realize her goal.

Jean continued to watch her. His interest was piqued as he waited for her next step.

She released the dogs into his compound purposely and pretended to look for them. Now, she even volunteered to pay for the damages. She must have some ulterior motives.

However, since she did not reveal her true goal yet, he did not plan to expose her now. He asked, “Your dogs are found. Anything else I can help you with?”

Neera hesitated and thought suddenly that this was really a bad idea.

If she brought up some work matters now, it would be so out of place.

Perhaps she should have come to him truthfully and told him what she wanted. That way, things would not get weird.

Neera felt so awkward and the words were just right by her mouth. However, she could not spill them. She pretended to show some concern toward him, “I am just curious about your health lately. How do you feel?”

Jean answered honestly, “I feel great lately. Sleep is good too.”

Neera examined him and frowned. She did not think that he was telling the truth.

“Are you serious? You don’t look as good as you claim…”

She quickly pressed him, “Do you feel pain all over your body when you are sleeping?”

Jean nodded, “That’s true, but… it’s not so intense anymore.”

Neera was surprised. Her tone turned serious, “Why didn’t you tell me if you still have those nagging pain? Are you trying to endure it? Stop working and let me check on you!”

She had already forgotten about her initial goal of coming here.

Jean was stunned. However, he did not object to her. He rolled up his sleeves to let her diagnose him.


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