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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 149

Upon hearing the proposal to buy all the clothes, Neera was taken aback and almost choked on her saliva. She was about to refuse, but before she could utter a word, Jean stood up and, without hesitation, told Fabio, "Put it on my account."

"Alright!" Fabio nodded with a smile and promptly instructed Nettie to pack up all the clothes.

Neera couldn't help but feel speechless and somewhat helpless. Even if Jean was wealthy, there was no need to be so extravagant. How was she supposed to wear all these clothes?

As she hesitated, she approached Jean and murmured, "You don't have to buy all of them. It's too much. Do I have to attend the Beauvort family's events every time?"

Without any hesitation, Jean looked at her with deep black eyes and said in a calm voice, "You'll know soon. It's not just one occasion."

Neera couldn't help but feel at a loss for words.

At this moment, the triplets also gathered around, their big eyes shining with admiration as they looked up at her.

"Mommy, you look amazing in these clothes! You should listen to Uncle Jean and take them all!"

"Absolutely! We want to see Mommy looking beautiful every day. It will brighten our mood for the whole day!"

"Mommy, this is Uncle Jean's heartfelt gesture. You must cherish it."

Neera couldn't help but chuckle at the triplets' flattering words. She didn't want to be too stubborn, so she agreed to take all the clothes.

Once Nettie had finished packing everything, she handed the bags to Ian, and Jean led everyone back home. After they returned, Jean headed to his office, while the triplets pulled Neera to sit on the sofa.

"Mommy, before you go to the Beauvort family dinner, you have to do your homework!" Harvey said with a serious expression.

Amused by their earnestness, Neera played along and asked, "Oh? Are you three going to give me a lesson?"

Harvey nodded confidently, "Before, Uncle Jean introduced the members of their family to you, but he probably didn't have time to explain the actual relationships. Right?"

Neera relaxed on the sofa and nodded in agreement, "Indeed."

Harvey continued, "Well, families like Uncle Jean's have complicated relationships among their members. There's a mix of gratitude and grudges. To avoid being taken advantage of during your first meeting with the Beauvort family elders, I had Sammy investigate some information for you. You need to understand it all to avoid any bullying!"

Sammy vigorously agreed, "That's right! Knowing your enemy is the key to victory!"

The triplets' seriousness and enthusiasm amused Neera, and she couldn't help but laugh, "You guys don't need to be so dramatic. It's just a family gathering, and I'll be back after that."

However, the triplets insisted, "We have to! It's an important occasion, and you must hold your own, Mommy! You can't let yourself be overshadowed!"

Feeling a bit helpless, Neera had no choice but to agree and spent the whole day learning about the members' relationships and private lives within the Beauvort family, guided by the triplets.

Finally, after a thorough study, Neera was ready to get some rest on Friday night.

But in the middle of the night, her sleep was interrupted as someone pulled her out of bed.

To her surprise, it was Jean...

Jean had just finished his work and was about to head to bed. However, Ian hurriedly entered the room to report, "Sire, something has happened. The hospital called and said that your great-uncle appears to be in critical condition. He's been rushed to the emergency room, but the team of specialists there seems helpless. They've been trying to contact Joanna, but she's unreachable, and your mother's phone is turned off. They can only reach you."

Jean knew that his mother had a habit of turning off her phone when she slept.

As for Joanna...

"Isn't Joanna the lead surgeon? Shouldn't she be doing her medical duties?" Jean wondered aloud.

"Yeah, it's crucial, but we can't reach her," Ian added.

Jean quickly made a decision, "Go next door and find Neera!"

When Neera was woken up, she was still groggy, "What's going on in the middle of the night? Disturbing someone's dreams will bring bad luck, you know."

Jean's expression was serious as he didn't answer her question directly, "Can you perform surgery?"

Seeing that both Jean and Ian were dressed formally, Neera's sleepiness vanished, but she still hesitated, "Why are you asking this?"

"There's something I need your help with," Jean briefly explained the situation.

Continuing, he asked, "Are you capable of doing it?"

Neera realized that this was a matter of life and death, so she didn't refuse, "Well... I can try my best. Give me a moment to change clothes, and I'll be right down."

Saying that, she hurried upstairs.

In just five minutes, she came back downstairs and went to the hospital with Jean and Ian.

Upon arriving, Neera first obtained information about the patient's condition from the medical team.

After that, she put on surgical attire and entered the operating room.

The patient was in critical condition due to a sudden infection in the wound.

Neera quickly formulated a surgical plan and began the life-saving procedure.

The late-night surgery lasted for a full three hours, but they managed to save the patient in the end.


As dawn approached, Joanna groggily glanced at her phone and noticed the missed call notifications. She had been out partying with friends last night and had a few drinks, which made her a bit tipsy, causing her to miss the calls.

Now, seeing so many missed calls, she immediately sobered up and had a bad feeling in her heart. The hospital wouldn't call so many times unless something serious had happened.

She nervously returned the call and learned that indeed something had gone wrong at the hospital. Her heart sank, and she rushed over immediately.

By the time she arrived, Neera had already come out of the operating room. The patient's family was expressing their gratitude, even more fervently than they did towards Joanna.

"Ms. Garcia, thanks to you, you truly have miraculous healing hands!"

"Thank you for coming all the way here so late, otherwise my father would have been in danger..."

Even the other members of the medical team showered praises, "Ms. Garcia's medical skills are truly extraordinary. There were a few moments when the patient's heartbeat was about to stop, and it was Ms. Garcia's efforts that saved him..."

Neera humbly responded, "You're too kind. I just did what I could."

Jean approached, his dark eyes gazing at her slightly tired face, and warmly said, "Thank you for your hard work."


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