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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 150

As the first light of dawn broke, Joanna's uneasiness turned into anger. How could Neera be here? Why were these people praising her so much? She was the one who performed the surgery on the patient, not Neera! Why was all the credit going to that woman?

Anger consumed Joanna's thoughts. She immediately stepped forward with an unpleasant expression, sneering, "Ms. Garcia, you enjoy stealing other people's patients, huh? Don't you have any patients of your own to attend to?"

Neera remained unfazed by Joanna's sarcastic tone, not even raising an eyebrow. Coldly and distantly, she glanced at Joanna and replied, "I have no interest in stealing anyone's patients. I only stepped in temporarily to help out. However, I must wonder, where was Dr. Bridges all this time? As the attending physician, you couldn't be reached when your patient had an emergency. Instead of reflecting on your own mistakes, you come here to act all high and mighty. Quite audacious, don't you think?"

Joanna's face froze as she was scolded, and she subconsciously glanced at Jean, wanting to explain herself. However, Jean wasn't interested in hearing her speak. His attention was solely on Neera, and he softly said, "You must be exhausted after a busy night. Let me take you back home."

Neera nodded, then turned to brief the medical team on important matters and emphasized specific details.

As Neera prepared to leave with Jean, Joanna felt like an outsider, experiencing deep discomfort. Since she arrived, Jean hadn't even spared her a single glance, as if she didn't exist.

Unable to let go, Joanna quickened her pace and stopped Jean. "Mr. Beauvort, I didn't mean to ignore the calls. I just..." She felt embarrassed to apologize in front of Neera but had no other choice. "I accidentally put my phone on silent, so I missed the calls. I didn't expect your great-uncle to have a sudden emergency."

Jean glanced at her expressionlessly, his gaze icy. "You don't need to explain to me. As a competent doctor, you should know that after performing such a risky surgery, your patient may face emergencies at any moment. Being prepared for the worst is your duty and responsibility. But it seems you lack that awareness. You're quite confident in your medical skills, and that's fine. However, overconfidence can cost lives. If it weren't for Ms. Garcia, my great-uncle's life might have been in your hands today. What's the point of telling me all this now?"

Joanna's face turned pale, and she realized that she had not only missed an opportunity but also made Jean distrust and dislike her even more.

With that realization, her face became even more grim, and she lost the courage to say anything else, watching him walk away.

Twenty minutes later, Jean accompanied Neera back to the Imperial Gardens.

Neera didn't give Joanna a second thought. Exhausted from a sleepless night, she yawned repeatedly, feeling both tired and drowsy.

Jean felt somewhat apologetic for involving her in this situation. "I'm sorry, it was all sudden, and I didn't have any other option but to ask for your help. Please rest well."

Neera didn't think much of it and even managed to make a joke. "If you feel bad about it, just settle last night's errand fee and consultation fee. Any amount is fine, of course, the more, the better!"

Jean couldn't help but chuckle. "Alright, I'll transfer it to your account later. But don't forget about tonight, we're going for dinner."

Neera responded with an "OK" gesture.

After saying their goodbyes, they each returned to their homes.


After arriving home, Neera immediately collapsed into a deep sleep. When she woke up, it was already afternoon. After freshening up, she found that the evening was approaching—the perfect time for the Beauvort family banquet.

She chose a champagne-colored gown, elegantly tying up her long hair and wearing light makeup. To complement her appearance, she adorned herself with a pair of pearl earrings and minimal accessories. Her silver high heels and a pearl clutch bag completed the elegant and graceful ensemble, making her look like a refined lady from high society.

As she descended the stairs, the triplets couldn't help but stare in awe and excitement, cheering, "Mommy, you look so beautiful! Stunning!"

When Jean came to pick her up, he was once again amazed by her beauty. She had already dazzled him during the dress fitting a couple of days ago, but tonight, with meticulous grooming, she was breathtaking! If they were attending a high society soiree, she would undoubtedly outshine everyone present.

"So, what do you think? Does it look okay?" Standing before Jean, Neera sought his opinion.

His mind was momentarily pulled back by her voice, and he concealed the trace of a peculiar glimmer in his eyes, nodding with satisfaction. "Hmm, very good. It's about time, let's go."


Before leaving, Neera didn't forget to remind the triplets, "You three, behave and stay at home. Don't wander around, and don't cause any trouble for Auntie Zuniga."

"Yes!" The triplets nodded obediently, surprisingly well-behaved. Then, like little adults, they turned to Jean and said, "Uncle Jean, we're leaving Mommy in your care. Please take good care of her!"

Jean raised an eyebrow and replied warmly, "Of course."

On their way to the grand estate of the Beauvort family, Jean glanced at her and asked, "Are you nervous?"

Neera responded, "Not at all, I'm perfectly fine."

After all these years, she had experienced countless grand occasions; this was nothing!

Jean nodded in response. "That's good."

After that, he shifted his gaze away and didn't look at her again.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at the Beauvort family estate.

It was Neera's first time here, and she was stunned by the picturesque scenery that unfolded before her eyes.

The estate covered a vast area, an extravagant mansion exuding opulence from every corner.

As she admired the scenery, she followed Jean inside.

Upon reaching the front door of the mansion, a butler immediately greeted them, showing great respect as he bowed to Jean. "Mr. Jean, Mrs. Beauvort, please come in. Mr. Frederic has been waiting for you."

Mrs. Beauvort...

Neera's eyebrows twitched at the address, feeling somewhat uncomfortable. Nevertheless, she anticipated various possible scenarios and calmly accepted them.

Beside her, Jean offered his arm, gesturing for her to link with him.

Neera calmly nodded, attempting to appear natural, and stepped closer to him as they walked inside together.


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