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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 156

Neera didn't take offense despite Wrenn's stern words. She remained composed and calmly defended herself, choosing her words carefully.

"I understand that you must be angry upon hearing about this, but I ask you to take a moment and think calmly. Even if the rumors were true, what does it really represent? As I said earlier, rumors should not be blindly believed. Madam, judging by your demeanor, I can tell you're someone wise and knowledgeable, someone who can see things clearly. You should know that some things are not fully understood, and it's best not to be too judgmental."

"As for the marriage arrangement, let me explain. I had no intention of marrying Mr. Beauvort originally. The situation turned out this way because the Garcia family interfered and schemed. They couldn't bear to let Roxanne marry into your family, so they replaced her with me, someone with fewer emotional ties to the Garcia family. Now that I am married to Mr. Beauvort, I will honor this marriage."

"Furthermore, the reason the Beauvort family wanted this marriage was primarily due to my birth chart, not because of who I am as a person, right? I mean no offense, but I am just stating the facts. Since the purpose of this marriage has been fulfilled, is it really necessary to dwell on these matters?"

Wrenn found herself momentarily speechless in the face of Neera's logical reasoning. While she understood the reality of the situation, the deceitfulness of the Garcia family still bothered her.

What bothered her even more was Neera's background. Her son was exceptional, and he deserved the best woman in the world. Yet, he ended up marrying someone embroiled in scandal like Neera.

The atmosphere became tense, but Jean spoke up to diffuse the situation. "Mom, I really like Neera, and I stand by her. Let's not dwell on the past."

Joseph also chimed in to mediate, "Mom, since Neera is now part of the family, and Jean has said his piece, let's not dwell on these matters. Besides, this marriage arrangement isn't entirely bad. Neera mentioned she's a doctor; do you know if she's familiar with Jean's condition?"

Joseph deliberately redirected the conversation to give Neera a chance to redeem herself. Grateful for the lifeline, Neera smiled and calmly responded, "Yes, I'm familiar with Jean's condition."

"Really?" Joseph eagerly inquired, "Then Neera, do you have any ways to help him?"

Neera nodded, "I can alleviate his symptoms and reduce his suffering, but I can't guarantee a complete cure at the moment."

Before the matter was resolved, Neera didn't want to make any promises. Besides, she was cautious about revealing too much about her identity. After all, Jean's health condition was extremely dire, and she was currently just a "nobody." If she made promises too early, it would undoubtedly raise suspicions about her true identity, especially with Jean's keen perception. He might quickly connect her to Nancy!

At this moment, Jean spoke up in her defense, "Dad, Mom, my health has improved recently because of her care. Her medical skills are impressive, even better than Joanna's. I've personally experienced it, and I can vouch for her."

Frederic listened, surprised, and carefully scrutinized Neera.

"Could she be the doctor Joanna mentioned before?"

Jean nodded in confirmation, "Yes, it's her."

With that, Frederic's impression of Neera underwent a complete transformation, and he looked at her with newfound respect.

Her background and identity suddenly seemed less important!

The reason he arranged this marriage was to bring good luck to his beloved son. Now that their birth charts matched and she could treat Jean's condition, it was a perfect scenario.

As long as Jean's health improved, everything else became inconsequential!

Wrenn, upon hearing this, found herself unable to come up with any more criticisms...


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