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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 157

Frederic's attitude had improved significantly. "The past is in the past, and we can't change it. As long as you stay by Jean's side and take good care of him in the future, that's all that matters."

Neera nodded hastily, "Yes, I will."

Frederic was satisfied and picked up his spoon. "Alright, let's eat while it's still hot."

During the meal, he made sure to serve Wrenn, trying to soothe her emotions. "Come, eat more, and don't be upset."

After a moment of silence, Wrenn finally nodded and handed a pair of bracelets to Neera. "This is a gift for the new bride. Since you've married into the Beauvort family, you should behave appropriately from now on."

Neera didn't expect her to prepare such a valuable gift. The jade bracelets were clearly of considerable worth. She hesitated for a moment before glancing at Jean.

Jean cast a quick glance at the bracelets and spoke warmly, "Accept them. This is Mom's way of acknowledging your status; don't let her kindness go to waste."

With genuine gratitude, Neera accepted the gift. "Thank you, Mom. I will cherish them."

The atmosphere eased, and finally, everyone started eating.

Neera picked up her chopsticks and breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness, she managed to get through it...

The Beauvort family was indeed a group of formidable individuals, each with their complexity.

Luckily, she wasn't marrying into the family!

The dinner proceeded quietly, and Jean's appetite remained excellent, even better than before.

Joseph was surprised but more delighted. "Mom has tried everything to get Jean to eat more in the past, but nothing seemed to work. Now, his appetite has improved so much. It seems like Neera is taking good care of him."

Jean nodded, "Yes, thanks to her."

Karl stayed silent, but his eyes flashed with a hint of darkness.

For him, Jean's improved health wasn't something to be happy about.

Joseph was a kind and gentle man, not interested in fighting for the family inheritance. But Karl was different; he believed he was just as capable as Jean and didn't want to be left in his shadow.

If Jean, who was already ill, could achieve so much, what would happen if he made a full recovery?

Of course, he didn't dare show any ambition in front of Frederic.

After dinner, Karl found an excuse to leave. He had no interest in staying longer in Jean's presence.

Jean, on the other hand, played two chess games with Frederic before finally leaving with Neera to go back to Imperial Gardens.

On the way back, the rain started to fall gently, creating a soft rhythm on the car windows...

Neera glanced at the raindrops before turning to Jean.

"How was I tonight? Did I do well?" she asked.

Jean praised her, "You were more than impressive."

Then, his curiosity surfaced, and he asked the question that had been on his mind, "But how did you find out about Uncle Clarence and Jonas? I don't think I ever mentioned those things to you."

Neera didn't hide anything and replied, "I did some research beforehand. Your family members are all seasoned and cunning. I knew they would be formidable opponents, so I had to be well-prepared not to be at a disadvantage."

Jean's narrow eyes squinted slightly, revealing a hint of contemplation.

While it wasn't surprising that she could find information about Jonas, the fact that she knew about Uncle Clarence's affair was a different matter. It was a closely guarded family secret, never disclosed to the outside world, and all information about it had been suppressed.

He wanted to ask her how she managed to uncover such confidential details, but the words stuck in his throat.

In the end, he decided to let it go. There was no need to dig deeper into this matter.


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