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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 159

However, she quickly dismissed her thoughts and refocused her mind. The affairs of the Beauvort family were too complex, and there was hardly any genuine affection among the relatives—only deceit, scheming, and power struggles.

Neera reminded herself that she was merely a contractual wife to Jean. She neither had the qualification nor the obligation to interfere in their affairs. It was best to mind her own business.

"Sweethearts, why don't you play for a while on your own? Mommy will go take a shower."

She patted the triplets' little heads and removed her slightly damp coat before heading upstairs.

Meanwhile, Jean went straight to his study after arriving home. Ian followed him and diligently adjusted the room's temperature, knowing that the changing weather always caused Jean discomfort due to his poor health.

Even in the summertime, the weather didn't spare any mercy on Jean. As he sat behind his office desk, he glanced at the documents without saying a word and continued to work on the tasks left unfinished during the day.

The study was filled with the sound of rustling papers as the two of them flipped through the files, accompanied only by the faint patter of rain outside.

After a while, Jean's gaze fixed on one particular document, and his brow furrowed. He called for Ian and tossed the file in front of him.

"The financial report from Huspela for the last quarter doesn't match up."

Upon hearing this, Ian promptly took the document and carefully examined it, but he couldn't find anything wrong. However, he knew that when it came to auditing reports, Jean's accuracy was impeccable down to the last digit. He never made mistakes, and Ian had complete faith in him. If Jean said there was a problem, then there was.

Furthermore, it occurred to Ian that Huspela fell under Clarence's responsibility. Could it be...

His expression turned serious as he asked, "Do you suspect... Mr. Clarence is secretly manipulating the accounts?"

Jean's voice turned cold as he replied, "It's quite evident. Send it back for a redo! Also, investigate his activities abroad. Whatever tricks he's playing, dig them all up!"

Ian immediately took the task seriously.

Falsifying financial records usually indicated embezzlement or covering up internal financial discrepancies. Both were grave offenses, no matter which possibility it turned out to be.

Jean didn't tolerate any nonsense, and for Clarence to resort to such deceitful tricks right under Jean's nose was nothing short of courting disaster.

This matter weighed heavily on Jean's mood, and his eyes remained gloomy. Unfortunately, at this moment, he felt a headache coming on.

The rain outside grew stronger, and even with the increased room temperature, Jean still felt a chill in the air.

Setting aside his work, he reached up to pinch his brow, releasing some tension. He decided to let go of the tasks at hand and poured himself a cup of hot water before heading back to the bedroom for a medicinal bath.

Surrounded by the warmth and aroma of the bath, he relaxed slightly, but the weariness still weighed on him. After leaving the bathroom, he went straight to bed and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, accompanied by the glaring lightning and the sound of thunder, Jean suddenly woke up.


He groaned, clutching his head, his face turning pale, his brows furrowing tightly as if he was trying to endure something. His eyes even showed a hint of crimson, and his breath became slightly rapid.

A thin layer of sweat formed on his forehead.

The neural pain struck him in waves.

As if two large hands were pulling and tearing at his brain, as if someone was drilling into his head from his temples, the pain was excruciating, making it almost unbearable.

He couldn't help but clench his teeth.

His illness... seemed to be flaring up!

His heart sank slightly, and with what little consciousness remained, he struggled to prop himself up, reaching for the painkillers from the nightstand. Without even a sip of water, he swallowed them.


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