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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 160

However, this was just regular pain medication and not what Neera had given him.

His body had long developed a resistance, rendering it ineffective.

He endured and endured, but after half an hour, he couldn't bear it any longer. With great difficulty, he turned his body and swung towards the bedside.

In the next moment, a loud "bang" echoed through the room.

The silence of the rainy night was abruptly shattered.

Everyone in the villa was startled!

Ian and Richard rushed into Jean's room without even having time to put on their clothes, checking on the situation.

In the usually tidy and orderly bedroom, chaos reigned. The water glass on the bedside table had been knocked to the floor, water spilling everywhere, and glass shards scattered around, reflecting the cold light.

Ian immediately realized that Jean's condition had once again flared up.

And judging from the situation, the pain was overwhelming!


He called out, intending to awaken Jean's reason.

However, at this moment, Jean's face was twisted in agony, and he could hardly control his expression. The veins on his forehead even slightly protruded, and his eyes were crimson as if he wanted to tear everything apart!

Where was there any reason left?

Suddenly, he uncontrollably grabbed the nearby chair and smashed it towards the direction of the door... as if he were venting something.

But Ian understood that he was being driven insane by the pain...

He quickly moved away.

The next second, the chair hit the door with a loud bang, and then it broke in two.

Richard was also frightened, his face turning pale.

He looked at Jean's painful appearance with a heartache, and hurriedly approached with concern, "Ian, didn't Sire's condition improve recently? Why has it flared up again, and why is he in so much pain? What should we do..."

Ian was equally anxious.

In the past, if Jean had an episode, there was nothing they could do but let him vent.

After the intense pain subsided, he would calm down.

But after calming down, he would be left barely clinging to life, barely breathing, unable to recover without lying in bed for at least ten days or half a month.

Ian gritted his teeth!

He couldn't just watch Jean suffer like this again!

Now, Neera was here, and she must have a solution!

Thinking of this, Ian clenched his teeth and instructed, "Richard, keep an eye on Sire. Don't let him hurt himself, and keep your distance too. Be careful not to get injured! I'm going next door to find Ms. Garcia right now!"

On the other side, Neera was fast asleep, but she was abruptly awakened by the urgent ringing of the doorbell.

As she opened her eyes, she was startled by the flashes of lightning and thunder outside. She realized that the rain was getting heavier.

Zuniga was also awakened and came out wearing a coat. They ran into each other in the corridor.

"Ms. Garcia, it's so late, and we don't know who's outside..."

Perhaps it was the atmosphere, Zuniga was a bit nervous. Neera comforted her, "It's okay, let's go and see."

The two of them went downstairs. Just as they reached the entrance hall, they heard Ian continuously calling from behind the door.

"Ms. Garcia! Ms. Garcia, please open the door! Please come and save Jean!"

Neera was taken aback for a moment but quickly opened the door.

Ian was in a hurry, he hadn't even had time to open his umbrella, and he was soaked by the rain, his face wet as well.

But he didn't care about that. When he saw Neera, he felt like he had found a lifeline and urgently made his request.

"Ms. Garcia, please come and see Jean quickly! He's having an episode, and it's not good at all now. I'm afraid that if we wait any longer, he might do something irreparable..."

As soon as Neera heard the word "episode," she felt a sudden jolt in her heart, having a premonition that something wasn't right.

Without delay, she instructed Zuniga to look after the triplets and grabbed an umbrella to follow Ian to the next door.


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