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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 170

At dinner, with the presence of the triplets, the atmosphere was delightfully harmonious, and the usually deserted restaurant now exuded a rare sense of warmth.

After the meal, the triplets weren't in a hurry to leave; they had their own plans in mind.

Penny took the lead, saying, "Uncle Jean, let's take a walk in the yard! Walking can help strengthen your body. Even though you can't exert yourself or engage in vigorous exercise, staying still all day isn't good. You should go for walks more often and not be busy with work all the time!"

Harvey nodded solemnly, "Penny is right, Uncle Jean. Life is all about movement."

Seeing the two kids teaming up, Jean was both amused and touched. He nodded in agreement, appreciating their concern for his well-being.

Seeing that they were getting positive responses, Sammy saw an opportunity to invite Jean, "In that case, how about going to Universal Studios this weekend? I've heard there are plenty of events there, and I've been wanting to go for a long time. Have you been there, Uncle Jean?"

Jean shook his head and replied softly, "No, I haven't been there."

He had never been a fan of amusement parks, and his busy work schedule made it nearly impossible for him to visit such places.

Sammy got excited, "Perfect! Uncle Jean, come with us! It's a fun place not just for kids but also for adults. Your daily life seems too monotonous; you should experience something different, and embrace a new and refreshing life!"

Penny quickly chimed in, "I want to go too! But I don't know how different it is from amusement parks abroad!"

She then grabbed Jean's hand and extended a warm invitation, "Uncle Jean, let's go together, shall we?"

Looking at the eager faces of the three kids, Jean hesitated for a moment but ultimately declined, "I won't be able to make it. You should go with your mommy; I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun."

The kids looked a bit disappointed. Jean's refusal surprised them.

Why wouldn't he go?

How can this be?

On this trip, the triplets had resolved to create opportunities for themselves and their own mommy, and they were determined not to stop there.

Sammy's face immediately showed disappointment.

"Oh... can't you? I thought I finally had a chance to hang out with Mommy and Daddy. Even though I know you're not my real Daddy, Uncle Jean, I really like you and wish I could spend time with you, even in my dreams..."

Penny also let go, hung his head, and fell silent, clearly feeling dejected.

Harvey rolled his eyes, took a different approach, and began to advise his younger siblings.

"Since Uncle Jean doesn't want to go, we shouldn't force him to do anything difficult. Besides, we've grown used to not having a daddy around since we were young, right? Sammy, Penny, let's be good, respect Uncle Jean's decision, and not make things difficult for him."

It must be said that the triplets were truly clever.

They each had their own roles and performed them separately, and they accurately identified the situation.

Upon hearing these words, Jean did not know what had happened, but he felt a sudden pang of discomfort in his heart as if someone had stabbed him.

An intense feeling of heartache emerged spontaneously.

Looking at the three well-behaved children in front of him, he could not help but feel overwhelmed with emotion.

He even felt a bit irritated with their biological father.

How could that man be so heartless and not want these sensible and adorable children?

At the same time, a sense of guilt washed over him, thinking that he was the reason for the triplets' unhappiness.

He sighed, gently patted the heads of the triplets, and spoke in a soft voice.

"I will make time to accompany you this weekend."

Upon hearing his promise, the triplets lifted their heads one by one, their faces filled with surprise.


As if afraid they were imagining things, Sammy quickly sought confirmation, "Uncle Jean, are you really willing to go with us?"

He then pretended to hesitate, "If it's too much trouble, you don't need to go, Uncle Jean. Don't worry about us."

Jean rubbed his little nose, his voice growing even gentler, "I'm not reluctant at all."

The triplets could not contain their joy and cheered.

When Neera finished preparing the medicine and came out of the kitchen, she could not help but be puzzled by the commotion.

"Why are all of you so happy?"

The triplets beamed and replied immediately, "Uncle Jean promised to go to Universal Studios with us! Mommy, let's go this weekend!"

Neera was momentarily taken aback by their words, her first thought was that her mischievous little trio must have been up to something again.

However, as she looked at Jean, it appeared that he had no reluctance, so she simply pursed her lips and let them go.


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