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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 171

After the triplets had visited a little more with Jean, Neera decided they had stayed long enough. She informed them that they needed to go home and finish their school work.

The three children agreed obediently and took their leave of Jean after bidding him farewell. However, as soon as they got back and into the study, they clustered together and began discussing their trip to Universal Studios that weekend.

Everything they planned was targeted toward furthering the budding relationship between Jean and their mother.

Meanwhile, Neera had remained at Jean's place so she could prepare to give him another injection.

The severity of his manic attack yesterday meant that one single injection would be insufficient to cure him; it would take three consecutive days of treatment to see any improvement in his condition.

As Neera was getting things ready, Frederic and Wrenn showed up unexpectedly, having only just found out earlier about Jean's condition flaring up again. Worried, they had hurried over to check on their son.

They had initially anticipated that Jean would be lethargic and listless. However, they were very surprised to see him decently energetic and in good spirits.

"Mom, Dad, I'm fine. You really didn't need to rush over here, you know."

The Beauvorts looked thoroughly confused. They scrutinized him from head to toe but eventually owned themselves at a loss.

"You seem to be in better shape than you used to be after one of your attacks. What happened?"

Ian smiled faintly and explained what had happened yesterday.

Frederic and Wrenn were left even more confused once they found out that Jean's improved condition was due to Neera's skillful treatment. All along, they had thought their daughter-in-law was little more than a pretty face, good for nothing except to perhaps usher in some luck and good fortune for the family. However, it now appeared that she was genuinely skilled and very competent.

Wrenn, in particular, felt rather conflicted because right from the start, she had been extremely dissatisfied with Neera as a daughter-in-law. However, after Ian had related the events of yesterday, she felt slightly better disposed toward Neera and gave her a rare look of approval.

"You must have had your hands full last night looking after Jean. Thank you for taking such good care of him."

With her in-laws present, Neera had to at least put on a show of being a dutiful wife. With a faint smile, she murmured, "It's not a big deal, truly it isn't. After all, he's my husband…"

She could not very well leave now that Frederic and Wrenn were here. As far as Jean's parents were concerned, she and Jean were officially married. If they were to discover that Neera and their son lived apart from each other in separate abodes, there would be no end of a fuss.

As a result, she had no choice but to stay on.

Jean did not say anything either. He sat down to play a game of chess with his father, intending to politely usher his parents out of the house after that.

However, it seemed as if fate had other ideas because it suddenly began to rain.

Frederic immediately grew anxious over Jean's welfare. "Weren't you always prone to having one of your attacks whenever the weather turned dull and rainy? How are you feeling now? Are there any signs of discomfort? You just had an attack yesterday; what if your condition flares up again tonight?"

Jean raised his brows, glancing at Neera. She immediately took the hint and responded, "Please don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Beauvort. I've just given him another injection and some more medication. He'll be fine."

Frederic and Wrenn could not stop worrying, nonetheless. They had seen what Jean was like in the past when his condition recurred. Even though they did not say it, they were genuinely afraid that their son might die if the attacks were serious enough.

They could not bear the thought of losing Jean, and their anxiety made them insist on spending the night under his roof.

"Since it's raining so hard now, we'll just stay overnight. Then at least if anything happens, you won't be the only one here to see to him, Neera," Frederic said.

Wrenn chimed in as well, "Yes, yes, that's right. You spent the night looking after him, so I'm sure you didn't get a good sleep at all. If you keep this up, you'll fall sick as well, and that would never do!"

Neera felt like screaming. On her wedding night, she had been unable to leave because these two meddlesome old folks had insisted on staying. Now they were doing the same thing again!

Unfortunately, this also meant that she and Jean would have to spend the night together in the same room…


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