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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 178

Soon, Wrenn explained the rules one by one. They were so detailed that it could make one's head hurt.

For example, as a wife within the Beauvort family, she had to always pay attention to her words and actions, and her behavior must be elegant, reserved, and polite. She must never embarrass her husband or do anything that would ruin the Beauvort family's reputation.

"Since you've married into the Beauvort family, you're now part of the family. Although we're not some conservative family, we need to follow our principles. You must be self-disciplined and not do anything bad. Moreover, not only do you have to behave properly, but you also need to be careful when making friends…" Wrenn spoke continuously as if the rules were never ending.

Neera felt as if her brain was going to explore.

It was no wonder the Beauvort family was the most prosperous family in Kingsview. The rules were outrageous!

Moreover, Wrenn was indirectly warning her about her past behaviors, as if she was afraid Neera would not follow the rules, affecting Jean and the Beauvort family.

Normally, she would have flared up and left instead of listening obediently. Even her biological aunt would not ask her for this much!

However, thinking of her contract with Jean and her promise to cooperate with his act, Neera took a deep breath and continued to endure it. Isn't it only an act? Who wouldn't know how to do it?!

As for what Wrenn said, she did not have to take them seriously.

Neera comforted herself, and once Wrenn finally stopped speaking, she replied obediently, "Don't worry, I'll keep them in mind…"

As they finished speaking, the etiquette teacher also arrived. She was an elegant middle-aged woman, and there was a young lady with her.

Once they met, Neera was surprised to see that the young lady was someone she knew. It was the female celebrity that Levi recommended her yesterday, Kyra Marks!

After they settled down, they smiled and greeted Wrenn.

"Wrenn, it's been a long time since we met!"

"Aunt Wrenn, you've become even more beautiful."

Wrenn was delighted to hear Kyra's compliment, and she immediately smiled and nodded. "Your words are sweet as ever! How are you free today to accompany your mom?"

Kyra was gentle and soft-spoken as she replied, "We're not filming these two days, so I went back home. I heard from my mom that she's going to see you, so I came along too."

Wrenn seemed to like her a lot as she pulled her over gently and chatted with her.

After a while, she only introduced Neera to Kyra's mother, Dandy. "This is Jean's wife, Neera. I'll leave her to you from now on."

Neera nodded politely.

Kyra followed and came over to take a look too. However, her smile faded a little as she secretly observed Neera.

She had long heard about Jean's marriage and even investigated Neera. When she learned about awful Neera was in the past, she secretly felt contemptuous.

Today, she came to look down on Neera. However, she did not expect Neera to look better than she thought, and she could even be considered stunning! Even Kyra seemed to be overwhelmed by Neera's beauty…

She felt unsatisfied. It was a pity that this beauty belonged to such an unreputable woman. Moreover, how could this woman be suitable for Jean?!

Upon thinking of Jean, Kyra could not hold in the feelings in her heart.

Her mother had known Wrenn for years, so she also considered herself to be Jean's childhood friend and had liked him since she was little.

She had planned to marry him when she grew up, but who knew that Jean's health would become so bad? This was also why Frederic arranged such a wife for him, causing Kyra to lose her chance.

Kyra was unsatisfied with this result and had always thought Frederic's decision was outrageous.

She did not want to give up on Jean, so she came here this time to try to gain his attention. Of course, it was also to meet this woman…


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