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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 179

"Ms. Garcia, nice to meet you. I am Kyra," said Kyra with a smile, withdrawing the scrutinizing look in her eyes and maintaining a polite and graceful demeanor.

However, Neera keenly sensed that Kyra's eyes were filled with coldness, and her smile seemed insincere, merely pretending to be friendly.

Neera raised an eyebrow but didn't pay much attention, responding as if she hadn't noticed anything.

After the initial greetings, Dandy went straight to the point, "There are many etiquettes to be taught. To save time, why don't we start right away?"

Wrenn had no objections, "Sure, you can go to the activity room, and I'll have a chat with Kyra."

Neera nodded obediently and followed Dandy to the activity room.


After closing the door, only the two of them remained in the room.

Dandy turned around, her gaze now appraising Neera with disdain.

"Neera, I've heard about your background. You grew up in the countryside and were eventually taken in by the Garcia family. But not long after, due to your improper private life, you were expelled from the family and had to flee abroad to escape the scandal, am I right?"

Neera had expected this confrontation, given Kyra's hostility. So, she wasn't surprised by the change in the woman's demeanor and simply responded with a wry smile.

"Part of it is true, and part of it is not, Mrs. Marks. Rumors are the folly of fools. Some idle talk should be ignored and not taken seriously."

Dandy dismissed Neera's explanation with a cold sneer, her disdainful expression intensifying.

"Marriage to Jean with your background is the result of extraordinary luck. However, virtue must match status, or there will be calamities. To fit into high society, I will be quite strict with you. I hope you can learn properly!"

She crossed her arms and leisurely paced around Neera.

"To succeed in blending into the upper class, you not only need to master basic etiquette but also various other forms like verbal etiquette, table manners, social etiquette, and so on. I see that your physique is decent enough, so let's start with body language. In the future, you will inevitably accompany Jean to various events and banquets. Learning proper body language will enhance your aura, and that's crucial."

Having spoken, she turned and went to the bookshelf, taking out a thick hardcover book.

"Now, put this book on your head, raise your chin and chest, keep your hands level, and make sure to raise your neck high. Maintain this posture and don't move for an hour. This will help your body develop muscle memory."

Neera thought she would be learning something significant, so she was about to walk away upon hearing this request. She couldn't believe she was wasting time on such nonsense.

She furrowed her brow.

Dandy noticed her reaction and immediately questioned coldly, "What's the matter? Don't want to learn?"

Well, that's obvious! Who would want to learn something like this?

Neera couldn't help but grumble inwardly.

However, as things had come to this point, she didn't like breaking promises to others, nor did she want to give up halfway. So she gritted her teeth and decided to endure it and do as instructed.

Satisfied with Neera's compliance, Dandy dragged a chair and sat behind her, keeping a watchful eye.

After about fifteen minutes, Neera felt as if she had the weight of the world on her head, and her whole body was becoming extremely sore.

This position was simply too exhausting, and she couldn't bear it, involuntarily swaying slightly.

Suddenly came a loud "smack" sound.

Her back was fiercely whipped by something!

The pain spread across her back, giving her the illusion that her skin was about to split open.

She stumbled and the book on her head fell to the ground. When she turned back in astonishment, she saw that Dandy had somehow acquired a long object resembling a ruler in her hand!!


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