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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 181

"My face! How could my face be like this, how..."

She didn't know whom she was asking, sounding as if she had lost her sanity, her voice hoarse with anger.

Outside, Kyra and Wrenn were alarmed and quickly rushed in, puzzled as they asked, "What happened?"

As soon as they spoke, they saw the wretched state of Dandy's face and were also frightened, taking a couple of steps back in shock.

"What... what's going on? Everything was fine, and now your face is covered in bumps?"

Wrenn was somewhat afraid, hesitating to approach, yet still had to inquire about the situation.

Dandy shook her head fiercely, looking ferocious, "I don't know. I was perfectly fine, and then suddenly... my face..."

"Calm down, Mom."

Kyra tried to console her instinctively, but seeing the terrifying bumps on her mother's face made her shudder as well.

Could this be contagious?

After being comforted a bit, Dandy regained some composure and seemed to recall something. She glared at Neera with anger, as if wanting to devour her.

"Was it you? Did you do this? You ruined my face like this! Neera, you're heartless!"

While Neera was accused without hesitation, she sneered inwardly but showed astonishment on her face.

"It wasn't me! It has nothing to do with me! I was just leaning against the bookshelf, not moving, and with my back turned to you. How could I do anything to you? Besides, this is the first time we've met today... Your accusation is too much! I was just standing there normally until two minutes ago when I accidentally shifted my posture. I didn't do anything to harm you. How can you slander me like this?"

Wasn't it just acting? Anyone could do it!

Upon hearing this, Dandy became even more enraged, and her blood rushed to her head.

Her intuition told her that Neera must have done something to cause her face to become like this.

Yet, this woman was acting all innocent and wronged, making it seem like she had suffered a terrible injustice, leaving Dandy speechless for a moment.

Jean was also drawn by the commotion and arrived on the scene. Seeing this, he calmly spoke, "It seems like you might be having an allergic reaction. Let's go to the hospital and get it checked to see what's going on."

Kyra, fearing her mother's condition worsening, quickly nodded in agreement, "Yes, Mom, let's go to the hospital. Your face... it's getting worse, and we can't delay it any longer!"

Wrenn joined in the persuasion, "Right! Dandy, hurry to the hospital. The doctor can figure out if it's an allergy, and they can prescribe some medication."

Seeing everyone urging her, Dandy was unwilling but concerned about the potential damage to her face. She could not afford to delay any further and reluctantly nodded...

Soon, Jean arranged for a driver to take the mother and daughter away, and Wrenn went along as well, still worried.

With all the commotion, the etiquette training came to nothing...

Inside the activity room, only Neera and Jean remained.

The audience had left, and Neera stopped acting, putting away the expressions on her face, revealing a hint of coldness.

Jean glanced around and asked, "Tell me, what really happened?"

Neera looked at him and sensed that he had probably figured it out already. She didn't hide anything and straightforwardly replied, "I sprinkled some powder on her."

Jean immediately furrowed his brows and asked concisely, "Why?"

Neera's gaze did not waver, and she calmly met his eyes, "If I said it was because I didn't want to learn etiquette, would you believe me?"

Jean's brows furrowed even tighter, and he spoke calmly, "I wasn't planning to force you to learn in the first place. I thought of letting you handle it for half an hour, and then I'd come to help you out. But using this method isn't the right thing to do."


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