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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 180

Neera's expression suddenly turned dark, and her tone lost all politeness as she angrily questioned, "What are you doing?"

Dandy, however, acted as if nothing was wrong and sneered, "Naturally, I'm correcting your posture."

With a righteous tone, she accused, "You can't even endure for such a short time. You're truly useless! Start over! When you can hold on for an hour, then it will be over!"

Upon hearing this, Neera exploded.

Previously, she could tolerate it because of her contract with Jean.

But now, asking her to endure further was simply impossible!

This old woman was really ruthless, hitting her back hard, causing a burning pain that seared into her bones. It was clear that it was intentional!

Even if her posture was incorrect, couldn't she tell her how to correct herself? Did she have to resort to such harsh measures?

Right then, Neera narrowed her eyes, a hint of coldness in her gaze as she examined Dandy.

"You did it on purpose, didn’t you?" Her lips parted slightly, her tone icy.

Indeed, Dandy did it deliberately. She intended to take this opportunity to teach Neera a harsh lesson!

Forming an alliance with the Beauvort family was a tremendous opportunity. She had always planned to marry her precious daughter into the family! The position of the Beauvort family's young lady was reserved solely for her daughter.

But unexpectedly, it was snatched away by this woman who wasn't even worthy of standing on the same stage!

Kyra couldn't accept it; she was just as unwilling!

So, since arriving, she had been deliberately making things difficult, and just now, she had struck hard.

At the same time, she believed that even if this woman couldn't bear the humiliation and ran to complain to Wrenn, Wrenn wouldn't believe her and would side with her!

However, she would never admit that in case Neera would use it to against her.

"You're talking nonsense!"

She feigned anger and scolded, "I did it to correct your posture. Don't misunderstand my good intentions! Moreover, if you can't even handle such a setback, how can you qualify to stand by Jean's side?"

Seeing this woman acting so well, even better than her daughter, Neera gritted her teeth and accumulated a deep anger between her brows.

Did she really think I am an easy target? A thing relying on others' power dared to take advantage of the situation and strike! Ha! No way!

The rage surged within her, and she retorted with sharp words.

"With your actions, you dare to claim good intentions? Judging by how hard you struck, I'm afraid you know nothing about personal morality. I don't think you deserve to be called an etiquette teacher; you are an insult to this profession and unworthy of it!"

Dandy hadn't expected Neera to directly insult her like this. Her expression immediately turned unpleasant, her face as red as a beet.

"What did you say? Is this how the Beauvort family's young lady should speak? Do you have any manners at all?"

Neera sneered, "Of course, I have manners, but it depends on who I'm dealing with. For someone like you, who don’t deserve any respect at all, why should I bother talking about manners with you?"

Dandy had never been so openly challenged by anyone before. She was so angry that her eyes widened.

"You... You have no sense of propriety! Since that's the case, then I won't teach you anymore. I'll go and tell Wrenn the truth and have her find someone more capable!"

"Go ahead! I don't care!"

Neera showed no intention of stopping her. "With your current appearance, if you go out now, you'll probably scare people away!"

Thinking that she was mocking her again, Dandy asked angrily, "What do you mean? Are you saying I'm ugly?"

"Just showing some self-awareness."

Neera chuckled coldly.

Dandy couldn't stand her expression and felt the urge to tear her face off.

At that moment, she suddenly felt her skin itching and subconsciously reached up to touch it.

Unexpectedly, the feeling didn't subside but grew stronger. It was as if countless tiny ants were crawling under her skin...

After a while, a large number of small bumps appeared on her face!

Only then did she realize that something was wrong and was frightened. She quickly took out a mirror from her bag and took a look.

In the next second, her pupils contracted as she was terrified by her own appearance.

Her carefully maintained face was almost entirely covered in bumps, looking extremely horrifying!

She was so scared that her courage shattered, and she let out a scream that could almost lift the roof!



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