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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 191

Levi was in a bad mood after he left.

“I thought that a collaboration would be successful. I didn’t expect that Kyra would be there to ruin it. The way she talks is so provoking. Anyone who heard it would feel uncomfortable in their heart, no wonder Rainie would suddenly raise the price."

When both of them got into the car, Levi remembered something. "Neera, do you have some beef with Kyra? Why do I feel that she seems hostile towards you?"

"Something happened between us…" Neera answered without elaborating.

Levi didn't pursue the matter seeing that she didn't have the intention to talk more about it. He complained again, “Rainie is too much. How dare she ask for 80 million dollars? Her brother isn't even worth the price.”

Neera was not too bothered about it. "There's nothing to be angry about, everyone has their own intentions. Since we couldn’t collaborate with them, we have to look for another artist. 40 million dollars is not a small amount of money, a lot of people will grab it. If you can't find a suitable one, then I don't mind raising the price. I could use 80 million dollars to find someone with more popularity. Simon doesn't deserve this price yet!"

Levi nodded and quickly started the car heading for the company.

In Kyra's waiting room, her assistant came in and reported the news she had just found out.

"Ms. Marks, the people from Startales just left. Seems that they couldn’t reach an agreement with Simon's side."

Upon hearing this, Kyra laughed. "I casually said a few words to add fuel to the fire. I didn't expect the siblings to get upset."

Kyra’s manager, Sean Lewis, handed a cup of water to her. He asked curiously, "I could sense some hostility from you toward that woman. How did she offend you? You did not hesitate to give up the endorsement but also ruined Simon’s chance. Although 40 million dollars to you is nothing, it's a very big amount to Simon. Why didn’t you let him earn it?”

Kyra looked at her beautiful nails. She was not bothered by what she did. "I’m not endorsing it because it’s just a small brand. If I agree to it, won’t it look like I'm lowering my worth? And I didn't even know she was the person in charge of this company. It's just a small company with no reputation."

Anyone could see how much she hated Neera.

"As for why I sabotaged Simon's endorsement… It's just that I despised her. I hadn’t expected Simon would be so agitated! Speaking of which, did he think that his status was on par with me? He’s just starting to get famous yet he acted so arrogantly!”

Sean didn't comment on anything else.

"Alright, don’t bother with that. Hurry up and finish this commercial filming. Your schedules are too tight. Where's the makeup artist? Speed up! The next filming is about to start!"

The makeup artist nodded.

After returning from Lemon Entertainment, Levi immediately started filtering through the new celebrity list. However, they were too busy. A few of them were interested but they had started filming movies. They couldn’t spare time for the endorsement.

No one had taken up the deal after a day of negotiation.

Neera was in a somber mood when she returned home. The triplets immediately sensed it.

At the dining table, Harvey took the initiative to ask, "Mommy, did something happen? You look upset."

Neera didn't hide it and briefly told them what happened.

Harvey gave some advice after listening to her concern. "Mommy, since you don't mind the price. Just invite a more popular person to endorse it, that's all!"

Sammy also thought the same. He jumped down from his chair and ran to the living room for his computer. "Mommy, I'll help you check and see who's suitable!"

Seeing the triplets actively trying to figure out a solution for her, Neera became less depressed instantly and nodded with a smile, "Okay, thanks for your hard work then."


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