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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 192

Sammy checked quickly and recommended someone to her in a short while.

"Mommy, look at this actress, Sasha Javer. She has won several best actress awards and has almost won all the major awards. She’s a natural beauty. Her acting skills are exceptionally good too. She is recognized as the most 'veteran' young actress in the entertainment industry!"

Neera had heard of this actress. She studied her resume and murmured, "It seems like it…"

Next to her, Zuniga also smiled and said, "I know her, she's very popular. Every age group likes her. I've seen her plays, she's very good at picking out scripts. Her acting skills are also exceptional."

Seeing that Zuniga recognized her. Neera nodded, she was convinced.

"Most importantly, Sasha is much more popular than Simon! There's also Kyra, even though she's a rising star, compared to her, she's still far behind! Sasha is everybody’s choice in the entertainment industry and she is very low-key!”

Neera slipped around the major websites and found that Sasha's reputation was really good. She had a positive image too. People like her would bring the best results in endorsements.

Neera’s purpose was to market her product in the local market. Sasha was very suitable and she seemed to be free lately. Neera made up her mind to contact her.

Upon checking her company, she was an artist under the Beauvort Group.

"This…" She was stunned.

Sammy pretended to be unaware but he did it on purpose.

The Beauvort Group was involved in many industries. Although their main business was not from the entertainment industry, by Jean’s management methods, they could be the largest entertainment company soon.

Sasha did not have any controversy since her debut, and she has a very positive image. She is the right person for the job! Neera came back to her senses, and couldn't help but doubt her son's intentions.

"Of all the artists, why did you pick the one under the next-door uncle's company? Is there something you're hiding in your mind?"

Sammy had already been prepared for this, he pouted. "Mommy, I'm doing this for you. Sasha is suitable for you, who knew that it was such a coincidence that she’s from Uncle Jean’s company."

Neera raised an eyebrow, "Was it really a coincidence?"

Sammy nodded his head firmly, "Really!”

Harvey stated, "Mommy, even if she’s from Uncle Jean’s company, there's nothing wrong with that. It's more convenient to get things done, right? It’s all about a win-win situation in business. You’re also paying for that, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Reasonable. Neera couldn’t refute it.

Penny took advantage of the situation. She added, "I think Harvey is right, Mommy. Why don't you just go and talk to Uncle Jean?"

Neera thought about it and felt that there was indeed nothing wrong with it.

After dinner, Neera went next door.

Jean was surprised to see her. “I thought you didn't need treatment tonight?”

Neera nodded, "I'm looking for you because I need something else."

Jean was puzzled, "What is it?"

This time, Neera got straight to the point, "I'm here for business purposes."


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