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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 193

"What kind of business? Have a seat and talk."

Neera sat on the sofa and roughly told Jean what happened.

"So that's what's going on."

That entertainment company under Beauvort Group has really developed quite well over the past few years. However, it's just a small piece of Beauvort Group, which Jean has not paid much attention to. He hadn’t paid much attention to the artists signed under his label either.

Since Neera had come to talk about it, he would help her out.

He turned to Ian, who was organizing some documents and instructed, "Go contact Sasha, and ask about her opinion. Have her reply as soon as possible."

Ian immediately complied.

Neera relaxed and politely thanked him.

"Sorry for troubling you. As for the endorsement fee, I'll pay according to Ms. Javer’s request. I won’t treat her badly."

Neera made it clear that she won't try to take advantage because of their current relationship.

Jean nodded and didn't say anything.

Ian quickly made a call to the general manager of the entertainment company. "Startales wants to enter the local market. They have already signed a contract with Beauvort and will have a counter at Beauvort World soon. The newly developed make-up brand will soon be on the market. They wanted to invite Sasha to endorse it, please ask her if she's willing to take it."

Then, he added seriously, "This matter is taken over by Mr. Beauvort. It’s him who’s asking her. Tell her to reply as soon as possible."

Upon hearing this, the general manager jolted. He immediately contacted Sasha.

Sasha was on vacation abroad. After listening to the general manager, she agreed. Would she be brave enough to reject it after Mr. Beauvort had asked personally?

In less than 10 minutes, Ian returned. “Mr. Beauvort, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Sasha said she is willing to endorse it."

What? We didn’t even have to negotiate a bit? Neera was a bit surprised, but quickly figured it out. Ian must have mentioned Jean’s name.

"Thanks a lot." Neera politely expresses her gratitude. "Actually, I didn't want to trouble you. I finalized two artists at the very beginning, but something happened. In the end, I could only look for someone else. I didn't notice that Ms. Javer was under your company…"

She was afraid of making any more misunderstandings. "I’m not talking bad about your company’s artists. Ms. Javer’s ability and reputation are well known. I was thinking that since it exceeded my budget, I might as well ask for a more influential artist. That's why I wanted to work with her."

"Did the other party raise the price too much?" Jean asked.

"They doubled it." Neera didn’t like to stir up trouble, so she doesn't intend to say anything about Kyra.

Jean understood.

"I'll arrange for someone from the branch to contact you about the contract."

Neera felt at ease and nodded.

"I won't bother you then. Rest early and remember to soak in the medicinal bath."

She prepared to leave.

However, Jean called out to her, "How is your injury?"


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